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On Page and Off Page Optimization For Complete SEO

It gets really confusing when you’ve to decide for the best SEO firm from an unlimited number of options available. Quite a lot of companies offer SEO and SEM services but not all offer high-quality services. Search engine optimization is a mixture of various ingredients which you need to be aware of, in order to hire the best resource. Search engine optimization techniques are used to work on two major elements; On page and Off page optimization.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is all about the content on your web pages that is used to highlight your products and services. Your HTML and CSS codes must adhere to the ‘world wide web’ standards otherwise, the overall ranking of your site can be influenced. Your links should not be broken or else search engine spiders won’t be able to crawl. Next is the keyword research. Appropriate keywords must be selected and used in the content of your page. Last but not the least, using the Meta tags, Title tags and Header tags, along with anchor text is very important, too.

Off Page Optimization

On the contrary, Off-page optimization is the process of building external links that help to promote the main website. It is all about link building, articles, blogs, press releases and directory listings. All these methods work to generate links for your website.

It is vital that you know a little about SEO before hiring someone, because not all SEO companies provide white hat services. Both the optimization techniques are equally essential to promote your website. Now let’s talk how SEO process initiates.


The Initiation of SEO Process

SEO professionals begin with the keyword research and analysis. It’s the institution of the marketing campaign and if this is weak from any corner, the campaign will eventually drown. SEO experts research the keywords and phrases that are related to your business. The point of relevance is essential here because the same keywords will be used for your website. Once the keywords are chosen, they are then used to prepare the web content. Your primary keywords are also used in articles, blogs and press releases to enhance the visibility of your business. They must also be used in URLs, different tags and even in images.

If wrong keywords have been picked, people won’t be able to reach you, thus your business will stand nowhere! The right keywords are the backbone of your marketing campaign; you don’t stick to the rules here, you’re certain to miss out all the opportunities.

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