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ID Printing Machine

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Some offices in today’s world are completely under-equipped and some have too much technology. Wait too much technology? You can never have too much technology. Technology makes office life a hell of alot easier. Here are 3.5 ideas I feel that an office must have.

ID Printing Machine

ID printing machine

This is by far the best piece of equipment an office can invest in. It is a very easy way to keep track of what time your employees come to work. It also allows you to have a photo on the ID card which the security officer can keep track of the large numbers of staff. A handy accessory for staff are lanyards so the staff can hang the plastic Card around their neck.

Another great use is for when visitors come into the office you can print off a visitor id card. They are simple to use so when you take on that new employee, they are not waiting days for their card just minutes. These Id Card Printing Machines are relatively inexpensive and they are a great investment for your office.

Laser Printer

laser printer
Gone are the days of buying expensive ink cartridges every time you print off proposals or brochures. Simple things like printing off your boarding pass for your business trip uses up huge amounts of ink. If you are the person who pays for the ink you will have already realised this.

With a laser printer you don’t need ink just a toner, which costs relatively less than buying ink. These toners can last for 6000+ impressions. And the average cost of replacing the toner is €65. This is quite a considerable saving. The downside is that they are more expensive to buy than a normal desktop printer.

Cloud Storage

cloud storage
Another great piece of technology an office should have in cloud storage. This means that all your employees can record exactly what work they have done on a day-to-day basis and you can keep an eye on it.

You can also store reports for different departments that are dealing with a client and they can then go and update each report as the work is done. This will all contribute to the overall working of the office.

They are simple to setup and use as all you have to do is give access to the right people and share the folder and they can access it from anywhere. So if you were meeting a client and they ask how things are going you can show them exactly what work has been done from your smartphone.

Comfortable Chairs

office chair
This might seem a little off point but my half piece of technology is a comfortable chair as it can make all the difference. Remember that your employees are sitting down for 7 hours a day so the last thing you want is back pains to halt the productivity of the employees. It’s food for thought.

These 3 and half Ideas can really make the difference in your office. People like to see that your business is moving with the times and it can give your employees that extra bit of motivation needed to complete a task.

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