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Nikon D300s Can Be The Best Digital Cameras For Fashion Photography

To shoot for fashion photography, it is best that you can get a DSLR camera such as Nikon D300s. The preferable brand is very optional and up to your choice even many photographers are choosing either Nikon or Canon as their choice. However, if you think other brands like Pentax, Olympus and others are ideal for you, you can go for them as well.

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Nikon D300s For Fashion Photography

Actually, Nikon D300s can be the quality camera where you need it most for fashion photography.

For a long time, the Nikon D300 was the camera to beat in the semi-pro stakes, and the subsequent D300s, added High-Definition (HD) movie recording – albeit only at 720p – an extra frame per second to take stills shooting up to 7fps, dual CF and SD memory card slots, a slightly refined multi-controller around the back of the camera and a couple of neat little extras such as a virtual horizon.

nikon d300s

For sports and action photographers who do not wish to have the movie mode, however, there is not much to choose between this and the older model, which is not a bad thing.

Nikon’s 3D Color Matrix Metering II stole the lead on Canon’s new iFCL system, and in our tests, still gives more consistent metering results – especially under tricky lighting conditions – and delivers perfect exposures almost every time. When you want to switch from the Matrix metering mode to Spot or Center-weighted options, these are instantly available via a dedicated switch on the back of the camera.

Autofocus is equally impressive, with a 51-point AF system. The Nikon D300s puts them all to good use, too, with a brilliant 3D color tracking system that hardly ever loses even the most unpredictable targets. Dynamic AF Area settings are also available, so you can use groups of nie, 21 or 51 autofocus points.

Features to Look For on This Nikon D300s

LCD screen
The high resolution LCD screen is a bit bright by default but is easy to turn down. High magnification on playback can be configured to a single button press.

nikon d300s sd slot

Dedicated switches for single, dynamic area and auto area AF make them quick and easy to get at.

Multi controller
The D3-like multi controller is an improvement over the original, with a more precise feel to it.

Menu button
Customization options are almost endless, so you can set up the camera exactly how you want it.

Another nice touch is that you can select standard 12-bit or enhanced 14-bit color depth for RAW files, as well as choosing uncompressed, lossless compression or more aggressive compression, which still gives barely any perceptible drop in image quality. By choosing compressed 12-bit RAW files, you can shoot continuously in RAW without the overhead of huge image file sizes.

After the introduction of the camera, you have get some ideas for yourself right now. If you are going to use for fashion photography very often, you should buy this Nikon D300s which will help you a lot for your photo shooting job.

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