Mobile Monitoring Apps to Track and Protect Your iPhone and Android

In today’s high-tech world, mobile phones have become the quickest as well as the most suitable means of communication. However, with the introduction of smartphones, the role of a mobile phone is no longer restricted to a few ways of communication and amusement such as text messaging or camera capturing. This means that smartphones are now offering new ways of communication and amusement such as messengers, e-mails, and media players. Well, all these ways are in the form of different apps whether it is for Android or for iPhone – the two most used smartphones.

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But with so many apps on use on these smartphones, a threat to security and a risk of misuse also increase! That is why, it becomes essential to track and protect your Android smartphone or iPhone. No matter for what you are using these smartphones, safety is a matter of top priority, right? As a result, mobile monitoring apps have been introduced!

What are mobile monitoring apps?

Mobile monitoring apps are almost analogous to secret agents, which work by offering a remote access to the targeted mobile phone’s call history, text messages, chats, mails, browsed web sites, captured photos, and videos made. The apps keep an eye on these phone activities along with the GPS locations without intimating the phone user about it. This means that they work in the stealth mode so that you come to know about every happening activity on the phone as well as about the exact location of the cell phone. This itself indicates that you can use the mobile monitoring apps for several unique purposes:

  • To find out the missing or stolen phone
  • To protect children from misusing the phone or from abusers
  • To find evidences against low employee productivity
  • To keep an eye on the loyalty of your spouse

How do mobile monitoring apps for Android and iPhone work

There are many iPhone and Android mobile monitoring apps, such as MobiStealth, StealthGenie, Mobile Spy, and FlexiSpy. Despite the fact that there are several such apps in the market, most of them work in the same manner interestingly, as listed below.

  1. A mobile monitoring app runs in an invisible mode after installing it on the targeted smartphone just like any other app.
  2. It then starts to track each and every activity done on the phone and stores the details in logs.
  3. At every fixed interval, it uploads the logs along with the current GPS location to a remote server through a secured transmission channel.

Before you download the app on the iPhone or Android, you are always asked to create your account on the official site of the chosen app. It is through this account that you get to view the latest details about the phone activities. Therefore, you need to log onto the authorized account from any Internet-enabled device to know what has just happened on the phone.

What are the Benefits?

  • Spying for user’s protection without her or his awareness
  • Ease of use
  • Access to even deleted activities such as deleted calls or messages
  • No need to access the target phone again and again

Whether it is an Android phone or iPhone, you can now keep all unwanted phone activities at bay with the Android and iPhone mobile monitoring apps.

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