maxview pc to tv converter

Maxview PC to TV Converter

If you are doing presentation, you can make use of this Maxview PC to TV Converter for the task. This converter can deployed a room which have about 30 – 50 audiences. You can make use of them to convert projector signals during your presentation to NTSC which can doing such performance by streaming images to the web.

Maxview PC to TV Converter

Maxview PC to TV Converter

This Maxview PC to TV Converter is rock solid and many users found it is performance very well without any failures. There is one user who has used it for about three years of deployment and it is still working well. Nevertheless, there is a huge distinctive point between a high end converter compare to this product (sub-$100). With the limitation, the maximum display resolution is stand at 1024×768. As a result, a large number of contemporary laptops and PCs have to set to a lower than native image resolution to receive a functional NTSC video signal.

Whenever you deliver greater resolutions in (like 1280×1024, 1600×1200, or any from the contemporary 16:10 widescreen resolutions), the NTSC output is merely garbled static. Not like numerous higher-end PC to TV Converters, this item has no remote control or buttons and as a result they’ve confirmed to become very dependable home equipment even right after power outages as they need no configuration. The draw back to getting no remote control or buttons is the fact that you will find no zoom or freeze features on this item which you frequently discover on higher-end converters. One extra gotcha is the fact that the VGA passthrough (which offers a looped VGA output to visit your LCD screen or projector ) is energetic. As a result, it’ll not move sign in the event you fail to plug within the power provide for this Maxview PC to TV scan converter. This could be a issue if you are trying to run totally untethered in cellular scenarios.

If you purchased this to create DVDs from your PC, you are going to experience for loosing some high quality images when you try to convert the PC signal to a TV video signal that you have to return back to using a video camera and recording right off the PC Liquid crystal display screen towards the DVD. I don’t recomend it for severe copying from your web. I utilized the S video clip hook up as they recommended for the very best converson, however it was nonetheless unable to display for high quality resolution.

Product Description

* Convert PC images with this Maxview PC to TV Video Converter
* Pocket-size, High-performance PC TV Converter.

– Train and teach directly from your PC on any TV
– Streaming your flash, powerpoint and multimedia presentation to display on a big-screen
– Take pleasure in playing computer games, watching DVD movies, as well as internet browsing with your TV. Utilizing PIP to carry out these activities and watch your favorite TV programs at the same time

Main Features of Maxview PC to TV Converter

– Manufacturer: AITech
– Manufacturer Part Number: 06-071-002-60
– Manufacturer Website Address:
– Product Type: Signal Converter
– Graphics Resolution: 640 x 480 VGA @ 85Hz , 800 x 600 SVGA @ 85Hz , 1024 x 768 XGA @ 75Hz
– Interfaces/Ports: 1 x 15-pin D-Sub Input External, 1 x S-Video Output External, 1 x Composite – RCA Output External
– Standard Warranty: 1 Year(s) Limited for this PC to TV Converter

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