tablet pc

Making the Switch to a Tablet PC

It’s hard to stay on top of the latest technology. It seems like once you take the cellophane off your newest toy, the next latest and greatest item is on the store shelf.

tablet pc
tablet pc

But just as cleaning equipment evolved to include floor scrubbers in its arsenal of products, today’s computers have added an item to the lineup that’s certainly worth a second look.

Of course I am talking about tablet PCs. Larger than your smart phone, but with the same mobility, and with most — if not all — of the capabilities of your desktop or clunky laptop, tablets offer the best of both worlds.

There’s an App for That

The great thing about tablets is that they work like iPhones and other smart phone technology in that they rely heavily on applications. This means you can get versions of the software that you need without a big investment.

Programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe reader offer streamlined versions for the businessman on the go. While you won’t be able to create whole presentations on your tablet, you can view most things and do some simple needed tasks.

You can find any app for your tablet that you have for your phone. Pandora, Angry Birds, Facebook, Words With Friends, NFL Live – they’re all there on a bigger screen.

Take it Anywhere

While it’s sometimes difficult to set up shop with your laptop on a train or plane, it’s easy to break out your tablet. Taking up the same amount of space as a magazine, you can easily read a book, a newspaper, your presentation for work or your favorite website on your commute.

You can also use your tablet PC to easily work with clients. Rather than waiting for your laptop to boot up, you can quickly scroll through screens and windows showcasing your company’s products with a few flicks of your index finger.

A Learning Tool

Kids today seem to gravitate toward electronics. My friend’s toddlers love playing with their phones, which often leads to unintentional phone calls. The larger tablets are a little more kind to toddler thumbs. Tablets can double as a movie player for long car trips and a learning tool when the right kid-friendly apps are downloaded.

Adults can also learn on their tablet PCs. Many come with the option to be synced with a data plan so they’re always able to access email and the web.

You can also rely on wireless Internet, which is available for free at most coffee shops, restaurants and now even at McDonald’s. Like you use a smart phone to instantly look up what other movies that actor was in the second you leave the movie theater, you can now do the same thing on a larger screen (my eyes are most definitely grateful).

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  1. There are no cheap, powerful and tablet pcs. You can choose any two, but not all three at the same time.Well, flash? That removes the ipads. Good riddance, but that’s another story. What you’re left with, is currently either something that runs W7 home premium or Android 2.3 or 3.0. I’d go for Android, which leaves hmm how about the Acer Iconia Tab A500 10″? Was this answer helpful?

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