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Kodak Zi8: 1/2 Non-destructive Removable Wide Angle Lens

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The Kodak Zi8 Pocket video camera from Kodak can be one of the greatest promoting compact digital cameras obtainable to capture your memories for that summer time of 2010.

Capture HD Video With Kodak Zi8

The primary objective of the Kodak Zi8 Video Camera would be to capture high definition or HD video clip as it’s occasionally recognized, the small video camcorder from Kodak provides complete higher resolution video recording at complete 1080p resolution inside a package that’s just sufficient to fit in your hand.

Utilizing the integrated USB cable and USB port of the Kodak Zi8, you will not just in a position to effortlessly shoot higher resolution video clip but also you can share together with your family and friends on famous video sharing websites such as YouTube and Facebook with just a couple of clicks to upload your video clip to the websites.

It’s so easy for you to upload videos to the internet by using the software program the come with the video camera when you buy the Kodak Zi8.

kodak zi8

In contrast to other higher definition video camcorders with restricted or static constructed in storage, the storage choices are limitless for the Kodak Zi8 and also you are going to get yourself in a position to shoot video for up to 32GB with the use of the SD/SDHC expandable storage card. You’ll in no way need to place aside the video recorder or stop getting enjoyable for you to use the Kodak Zi8. If you have to shoot for more than 32GB of video clip at once, what you need to do is you just have to eject the storage card and replace with a new empty storage card to begin shooting once again.

At the back of the Kodak Zi8 provides you a large and bright 2.5 inch LCD display in which enables you to record and display the videos that you shoot with ease. And should you choose to view your higher definition movies on the large TV LCD display screen, you just need to connect the Kodak Zi8 to your TV to watch all of your summer time 2010 memories.

Using the Kodak Zi8 turn out can bring you a lot of fun and it is quite versatile, you will be able to shoot for your memorable times and watch together with your family and friends later on by display them on your large TV screen.

Video Of Kodak Zi8

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