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8mm Camcorder

Knowing Different Type of Digital Camcorders

Would you like to seize your memories when they take place? Analog and digital camera provide you with the technology and features which allow you to catch special moments.

In order to help you to choose for your right digital camcorders, I have prepare this guide to carry out the task.

The camcorders is not function the same as the camera which only captured “still” event pictures. The camcorder can record hours of event that can convert your whole experience.

Today, there are an assortment of camcorders available in the market. The most common type can be of digital, VHS-C and high 8.

The technology of digital cameras have evolved into more advance these few years. The camcorders market are very competitive and many camcorder companies are come out with different camcorders which have more features such as images quality and cleanliness, ease of use and handling as well as the ease of edit picture with computers. Having said that, the standard video camcorders come with many functions, but some of the functions you will probably never use. Deciding on the best video camcorder for yourself can be a difficult task, due to all of the features, functions as well as styles of video camcorders that can be found presently. You may find some guides on the different advantages and features of each type of camcorder.

Basics camcorders

The basic video camcorders are the camcorders use tapes, or DVD Camcorder that use DVD-R disc to record pictures. The very first VHS tapes currently have been substituted with lighter and smaller bands, and subsequently get smaller dimensions.

You can think about a camcorder to be a small video recorder that featured lenses. Information and data acquired through the lens is transfer to the recording heads, and then the signal is marks on magnetic tape.

The revolution of the original VHS camcorders have began for over 20 years. Today, It is considered outmoded for camcorders that using VHS tape. There, this guide that you are reading now won’t touch in details on VHS camcorders since not many people are interested in this kind of camcorders anymore.

For VHS-C video tapes, no cable is required for connection as you are able to insert the VHS adapter and play the video recorder right away.

Hi8mm camcorders also create an analog recording just like VHS-C camcorders. You have to connect your camera to video or television with cable in order to view the recording.

For MicroDVD and MiniDV camcorders, they are recording digital data on some exclusive tapes. These type of camcorders have a very high resolution as well as image quality.

In today, Digital Video (DV) camcorders are come with high image quality. DV camcorder ultra compact MiniDV tapes recorded an super high 500 lines resolution whereas VhS-C only 250 lines.

The DVD camcorders are featuring 8cm DVD discs in which you could play them on the DVD player after you done your recording.

Several Features in which you should pay attention to:

Autofocus is certainly a required feature for all camcorders. You do not need to be concerned about concentrating on your shot, but rather to focus on the recording of events. A lot of auto-focus adjustment could be excluded or linked if you wish to have full control of the picture.

AE is a feature which automatically sets the volume of light that signifies to obtain the best shot. In certain situations you may well be wanting to bypass these kinds of settings – like excessive background light when facing the sun and the camcorder having too much darker subject. The latest camcorders are not essential connecting AE since they use a phenomenal ability to record while in a very low light condition.

The other vital function when choosing a camcorder is the LCD screen. You are easy to make your shooting if you get a larger LCD since you won’t need to view from the tiny eyepiece and strain around, rather you are going to view a clip that can appear automatically.

Electric powered or maybe optical image stabilization is an essential feature when buying a camcorder. The technology of image stabilization is evolved to get rid of your video clip of shaking which come when shooting handheld. Electronic image stabilization is really important since it makes nearly perfectly still pictures that is crucial with regard to more compact camcorders since they’re tough to keep completely tranquil.

High-quality zoom lens allows you to shoot clearer events. Optical zoom lens is just like standard digital cameras. Digital zoom lens are able to increase the image pixels.

Details about the camcorders:

VHS-C Camcorder
VHS-C Camcorder

This is an analog camcorder, which is normally less expensive compare to digital camcorder.

They normally use smaller types of standard VHS tape. This makes them extremely comfortable if you wish to take a look at video footage, you can simply put the VHS-C tape into the VCR and play. The image quality and resolution are close to reality with standard VHS tape. You are expect to get 240 horizontal lines of resolution as well as mono sound.

8mm camcorder
8mm Camcorder

The 8mm camcorder provide the similar functions just like the VHS-C camcorder. The sound quality and image resolution with VHS-C formats are almost the same.

The main different lie within the bar that use. 8mm camcorders use a lot smaller bar that provides considerably lengthier recording time.

It is quite easy to handle them with more lanes for celodnevo recording. For 8mm tapes, they are not able to insert into your VCR. However, it’s is quite easy to convert 8mm to VHS recordings. To make this happen, you can just connect the video recorder and camcorder with the appropriate cable or for viewing images on television it’s essential to connect them together with cables and make the camcorder to be a player.

MiniDV digital camcorders
MiniDV digital camcorders
The most widely utilized format camcorder. There’s good reason for it-perfect images with brilliant tone. MiniDV format has an astonishing 500 or much more lines of horizontal resolution-which is 25% better than the best analog camcorders.

MiniDV use small, very high resolution, digital tape to store images.

Digital camcorders

The digital camcorders making use of video tapes MiniDVD or memory card to store video clips. You will found that almost all digital camcorders are using tapes to record digital info.

Even though there are camcorders used to store information only memory cards, but mostly they’re not as good as camcorders which use tape due to lower image resolution as well as smaller recording capacity.

Digital camcorders record footage with the use of a CCD (Charged Couple Device). It includes a photo-sensitive pixels, the color and brightness shift as digital info on tape. The higher number of pixels the better the picture.

Simply because the recording is digital, it’s feasible to switch to PC and edit it. The procedure is as easy as editing digital photos. All you have to do would be to install video editing software that comes with the camcorder and simply transfer the images to a PC using a USB or FireWire cable. You’re now ready for trimming clips. When you’ve perfected your clip, you are able to switch back to DV tape to do your own viewing. In doing so you’ll not lose the high quality of audio or video because you shot digital.

DVD camcorders

DVD camcorders
Newest technology. MiniDVD utilized to record digital images (8 cm DVD-R disc) and digital photos (on a DVD RAM). The biggest advantage is that DVD camcorders can play back footage on each DVD player.

DVD camcorders are quite expensive, but in case you would like to pursue the latest camcorder technology, then you can buy yourself a DVD camcorder.

Hi8mm Digital camcorders

Use the approximate size of a cassette audio tapes. Actually Hi8mm digital camcorders use tapes of the exact same size as the standard 8mm camcorder. Digital 8mm footage recorded digitally, but rather than using 8mm MiniDV cassettes. The difference between Hi8 camcorders and analog camcorders in a resolution. The picture quality is up to 400 lines of resolution.

Hi8mm is easy to connect with S-video cable to your TV.


Today we have so many different choices when come to choose the right camcorders to record our own videos.

Standard camcorders like 8mm or VHS-C have many features. You can choose your desired LCD screen and zoom to view the images when doing your recording. Both of these camcorders have been in the market for some time and they are able to provide a great value with their reliable performance.

While digital camcorders are currently become the top performance camcorders. With the high image & sound quality, combine with the ease of image editing with a computer without losing the picture resolution, this has make digital camcorders the most popular digital camcorders on the market.

Whichever camcorder you pick and price you pay , you should always make certain the camcorder that you bought has great autofocus, autoexpozicion, zoom as well as built-in technology for image stabilization.

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