iPhone 4s Vs. iPhone 5: Is it Worth the Upgrade?

Apple disappointed some of its fans when it released the iPhone 4S in the autumn of 2011 as many were disappointed to see that it was aesthetically similar to its predecessor, despite the fact that the hardware and software had been improved in many areas.

Now the iPhone 5 is nearing its official launch and rumours are swirling around, providing little details about what fans can expect.

So, based on the current evidence, is it going to be worth upgrading to the new iPhone 5 if you already have an iPhone 4S, or should you stick with your existing handset?


The biggest upgrade expected to grace the iPhone 5 will come in the form of its display, which reports suggest will measure between 4.0 and 4.3 inches across the diagonal.

This will be a major improvement on the iPhone 4S’ 3.5-inch Retina Display and Apple will presumably make sure that the pixel density on its new panel is just as impressive. If you are a fan of big-screen experiences this will definitely act as a plus point for the new model.

When it comes to processing power, Apple looks likely to stick with a dual-core chip for the iPhone 5, which means that on paper at least it might be marginally more powerful. Of course, this might also go hand in hand with the new graphics chip, which is a feature of the third-generation iPad, in which case the iPhone 5 will be able to boast quad-core quality graphics, thus evening the odds.


If the iPhone 5 does indeed have a larger display it will be aesthetically different from the iPhone 4S, which some might see as a good thing since this design has been around for over two years now. Sources also state that the new iPhone will be thinner than its predecessor, measuring under eight millimetres thick, making it the slimmest model that Apple has ever produced.

The iPhone 4S is still going to be a very good-looking phone, but if Apple’s new design lives up to its reputation for quality it might be playing second fiddle to the iPhone 5.


The new iPhone will feature iOS 6 and have plenty of bells and whistles on-board, presumably with a slightly redesigned interface in order to account for its larger display. Apple is good at ensuring backwards compatibility with older devices, so the iPhone 4S will also get iOS 6, although not all of its features will be unlocked.

Ultimately, those who can afford to upgrade will probably take the plunge with the iPhone 5.

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