iPad is Still the Winner Choice for Corporate Types

A recent survey conducted to determine where the Apple iPad lies in the hearts of business types confirmed that it is not only popular to the youth. Over 1,600 business technology buyers were questioned in the survey. Contrary to popular belief, the Apple iPad is very popular among corporate buyers. In the survey, which was conducted by CangeWave Research, 22% of the respondents said that they have plans to buy an Apple iPad in the second quarter of 2012.

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Out of all the companies that were surveyed a whopping 84% plan to make Apple’s iPad the preferred tablet for their companies. According to ChangeWave Research, there has never been a survey that showed that much demand for the iPad among corporate buyers by the company. The popularity for the Apple iPad has however not risen overnight. The tablet has been enjoying a popularity streak for some time now. It was still the most popular tablet among corporate buyers a year back. Surprisingly, 79% of companies surveyed back then preferred the Apple iPad.

Although the Amazon Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Tab are the second and third choices, the Apple iPad enjoys a healthy lead. Only 6% preferred the Amazon Kindle and 8% chose the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hewlett Packard’s tablets, even though seeming the better option for business consumers were chosen by 4% of the companies. This follows the cancellation of the new Hewlett Packard TouchPad.

Thinking back to when the Apple iPad started to gain popularity, barely two years have passed since the popularity started to spike. The biggest change has come in the past nine months with the iPad winning the hearts of more corporate buyers than ever. This is according to the CTO of Revel Systems, Chris Ciabarra. Revel Systems sells point of sale systems that are based on the iPad. The early adopters were C-level executives who started taking up the tablets two years ago. The tablets are being adopted by many more levels of staff as companies move to adopt the Apple platform for their applications. According to Ciabarra, the higher levels of staff were the first to adopt the tablets. They were later followed by lower level staff.

A tablet is of course nothing without the internet, which literally makes it come to life. The internet is necessary to get relevant content and share information regardless of whether it is uploading a photo on Facebook or sending an important business email. According to research carried out by ChangeWave, the most popular ISPs in the corporate tablet market were AT&T and Verizon. According to the study, AT&T took the lion share of customers at 30% with Verizon being a very close second at 29%. The third company according to the study was Sprint taking 4% share of the cake.

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There is obviously a big difference when you add up all the figures since people do not always prefer to have their tablets connected to a mobile network. There is still a huge chunk of people who prefer to leech off of wireless networks to connect to the internet.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article; I really enjoyed reading it. It really surprises me that iPads are so popular among businesses! I love my iPad to death, but I mainly just use it for music and games… Its cool to think that some insurance group somewhere is using the same thing to make money!

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