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Flip SlideHD camcorder

Introduce of Flip SlideHD Digital Pocket HD Camcorder

Pure Digital innovative Flip Slide HD Camcorder, with an unusual and different format factor, devised to deliver much more fun and sharing videos in HD at any time, anywhere and with whomever you desire, private or even public.

Cool Flip SlideHD Digital Pocket HD Camcorder

With its slide up, full HD widescreen, this new Flip Slide HD mini digital video camera lets active people as well as families alike, to get great satisfaction via high definition real-time video sharing of their finest moments and activities that have been recorded on film for the future.

Flip SlideHD

Product characteristics and also choices for the the fliphd is a pioneering new design, which includes a touch-screen 3-inch touch-up film, playing wide screen in real time allows you to share high-definition video.

Users are able to replay up to 4 hours of their own favourite video recollections with the touch screen buttons that seem to be and work just like many of the other different Flip cool and trendy products (together with the red record button on the touchpad).

When the slide-touch display, allowing full widescreen users experiences the best high-definition video and instantly shows their films, whether at home or touring.

User gets 16GB of on-board memory data with the Slide HD, that provides you with up to 4 hours of HD video recordings and this is the most of any Flip video camera and delightful for very active consumers and families, who take numerous videos all the time.

Flip SlideHD Digital Pocket HD Camcorder Gives Simple Video Sharing

Digital Pocket HD Camcorder

flip slidehd gives simple video sharing, this is especially true with compressed storage capacity of as much as 12 hours of Hd (high definition) video for additional space, images, photos and also digital content from Channel Flip Slide HD, making sure that users take all their best moments with them where to go and this is therefore a life and ultra-book for a spontaneous show of all time.

The devices themselves provide the capability so the user are able to personalize with user own style from a vast choice of designs starting from the very trendy to more contemporary or even sports activities themed or new Flip SlideHD customers are able to just design their own!

All Flip models come with the pre-loaded FlipShare software program which works on any PC or Mac.

With this particular software it is possible to organize, store and edit HD movies easily and quickly.

You may also capture HD digital image snapshots out of your high definition videos.

You can also custom movies together with your music and individual basis.

It’s currently an easy task to share HD movies privately too by way of email or the Flip Channels.

And the greatest part is that you can easily add video to the Web, uploading to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube with a direct Internet connection.

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