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Internet Marketing Tool – Akismet Tips

There are many users who has no idea on why their comments are not getting accepted in other people WordPress blog. I made a simple script that would let me experiment and check if the comments were spam instantly (without WordPress). Here are some Akismet tips for you:


– They never get banned! You can use the same name on millions of submissions and it won’t get banned.

– Also like names will never get banned.

– Get banned quite fast.
– When a site gets banned the whole domain get’s banned (so you can’t use subdomains for example)
– And something that I bet 99% of you did not know before: Anything other than just a domain link will show your comment as spam! For example using this link:


Will show your comment as SPAM. It’s the same for any other website. It’s something more on this but I do not want to share that, for now.

– Spamming same comments will get your comments banned in 35 – 50 submissions
– You can use comments that are super long and if they get banned you can just change a single char in that comment and it will not be banned.

So basically you can spam posts that are super long and only change a certain character. Like:

Super long comment {.|,|!| .| . |. |..|_|*|?} etc…

A single character changes everything! So what I did is I wrote a longer comment and just use spins on dots and other characters I used in the comment. Works great! You can still use some spins on words here and there but you don’t need to spin most of the comment. The above example could be used on about 350 – 500 submissions, and with making a long comment and spinning chars, maybe adding smilies, adding some words, if you want you would get a comment that you will never need to change again.

When one of the 2 things I wrote above is marked as spam your comment will of course show as spam.

It’s basically the same code than the one that it’s used in wordpress.

It connects to akismet’s API and I can input data and it instantly checks and return if it’s spam or not. So instead of needing to comment on WP blog and then check in WP admin I made a script that I can input data and it returns instantly.

I made a lot of tests. Everything I wrote for comments and websites I am sure is 100% I manually tested about 2000+ submissions. The thing with names and emails could be that it gets banned at a really huge amount of submissions but I did not get this before (It would be stupid if they banned names if you think of it anyway). It could leave some footprints but as I said I did not see this before.

With this I could now make a checker which would tell someone if his website or comment is banned.

IP blocked does possibly not mean domain is blocked and vice versa.
using blocked IP ==> does not block for the future your domain
using blocked domain ==> does not block for the future your IP

But again, this is a number game, I would not swear on that and I am currently automating tests. I will comment on that later quantitatively, as soon as I have some more numbers.

Much more important:

In every case we need fresh IPs. I am currently investigating the trick I found on bluehatseo (using/offering nonworking proxy server(web, http), redirecting to another page of mine containing jscript to post with the visitor’s IP). Really, I do not see any future in using public proxies and even private proxies are problematic: you have to check them in every case. Own proxies? Too many needed and maybe quickly burnt.

I am not speaking in promoting a single web-page, this is not so spectacular. But what I want is to promote in higher volumes. Currently, apart from botnets which I rather dislike, that proxy trick seems to work wonders.

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