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Intel Computes Stick

Intel Compute Stick Review

Intel Computes Stick
Intel Computes Stick

If you are not familiar with Computes Stick, it is basically an entire PC slot into an enclosure not much bigger than a high-performance thumb drive. This is a tiny computer of Intel Computer Stick which is measures at 4″ x 1.5″ x 0.5″. The idea of the stick is that you can plug it in the HDMI port of a display whether is a computer monitor or television and you will get a fully functional computer.


Inside this classic enclosure is a quad core Intel atom Z3735F processor with a 1.33 GHz clock, 2GB of RAM that’s soldered on board in a single general configuration, built-in Intel HD graphics, 32GB of internal storage and run Windows 8.1 operating system. There is also a cheaper version that have 1GB of storage and boot into Ubuntu Linux. Both models has one USB 2.0 port and one micro USB port which is use to power up the device when you plug it in the monitor or TV.

Intel Computes Stick
Intel Computes Stick

Overall Look

There is a power button, a microSD card slot, and under the hood there is a little fan that is not too noisy and was close to it but it does have active cooling.

What makes this thing possible is the last couple of years of seeing these Intel atom processor slot in small devices like tablets and is basically have the guts of the tablet in a desktop.

computes stick side
computes stick side

There’s not much happening on the outside of the Computes Stick. You can see a large Intel inside logo on the stick with a few air fans and a power LED indicator here. On the bottom is an HDMI connector and that it’s meant to plug right into a display and targeted to a basic PC. On another side you will see another air fans and microSD expansion slot although there’s 32 GB of internal storage and this slot supports the SD cards up to 128GB.

Nothing happening at the bottom as there is just a couple of stickers. On the other side you can see a security port, a full-size USB port, another air fan and the power button. The micro USB port here we should mention is for power. This is not for connecting peripherals although the Computes Stick can display through HDMI but this does not empower this port as it needs power to be supplied through this micro USB connector to function.

There are handful of accessories included with the Computes Stick as well. If the devices enclosure is too wide to fit into the HDMI port for display, there is a short HDMI extension cable included.


You got a basic USB power adapter in the box, the full-size USB micro USB cable and these are a bunch of different connectors and adapted to support different regions around the world.

The version of Computes Stick that we are looking at is running on Windows 8.1. so we thought you sure you’re around for just a moment. It is basically like any other PC. Performance is a little lower cause it is running only one an atom quad core processor and 2GB of RAM. Let me jump into the desktop here. Bring up the hardware site.

Performance Wise

Scrolling on the device and browsing the web is no problem at all. You may find it is not a speedy little device but not bad at all for browsing the web.

You may try out yourself by taking a quick shot of some 1080P video playing back on this Intel Computes Stick. You can expand it to full screen and turn up the audio as you can see 1080P video stream from the web.

We also tried a bunch of local content and streaming from the internet on our local network. It absolutely no problems at all to playback on the device. Most of the time we were have a smooth watch without any problem.

We also tried Remote Desktop to other PCs and even tried streams in-home streaming engines from a given PC and all work without a problem on the Computes Stick. We should mention though the built-in wireless is an ideal for streaming home movie so you’re probably better off using a wired USB dongle or getting an AC adapter.

This gadget sells at about RM500-RM600 for this particular model.

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