canon wide angle lens

Important Information About Canon Wide Angle Lens

Alleviating Canon’s DSLR Crop Issue With The Use Of Canon Wide Angle Lens

The DSLR lens multiplication factor, or crop factor, contains the impact of cropping the image edges and also increasing the size of the central spot. A “frame” of 35mm film will be 36 x 24mm in dimensions, whilst the digital sensor relating to Canon EOS **D range (20D to 50D, and 7D) and the Digital Rebels (300D to 500D) rangeis just 22.5 x 15mm in dimensions. A reduced sensor to obtain the image implies that some of the image are going to be cropped.

You receive almost the same result when utilizing a DSLR camera which has a sensor that’s more compact when compared to a 35mm film — the whole picture cast through the lens “overflows” the sensor. An actual Canon wide angle lens just like a Canon EF 24mm will get “extended” by 1.6x, passing on an equivalent focal length of 38.4mm in your Digital rebel XSi or 50D.

Fortunately, Canon along with other producers of DSLR’s recognized they needed to produce lenses to beat the crop factor for photography enthusiasts with wide angle lenses.

It makes sense a variety of Canon wide angle lens produced particularly for DSLR cameras with sensors more compact than 35mm film (frequently known to as APS-C format sensors). As the crop factor still is applicable when utilizing these lenses, the lenses are “shorter”, both physically as well as in focal length, compared to equivalent lens for any 35mm camera.

canon wide angle lens

Hence the Canon Rebels kit lens may be the EF-S 18-55mm. To get over this, Canon released two camera lenses which are standouts within its selection of EF-S lenses to be used on EOS **D and Digital Rebel cameras:

* Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-5.6 USM

* Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

Customers relish the lens because of its sharp images whatsoever focal measures, fast autofocus, flexibility and superb in low light. The EF-S 10-22mm is amazing as it is the only real true ultra wide position for Canon EOS **D and Rebels models. Attach this lens in your Canon 40D and it is equal to a 16-35mm on the 35mm or full-frame body, offering photography enthusiasts creative possibilities otherwise not possible with APS-C format cameras.

What To Think About Prior For You To Buy The Canon Wide Angle Lens

The supply and also the cost of point and shoot digital and Single Reflex Lens (SLRs) cameras have provide the option for both amateur and professional photographers to find the cameras that suit their style and specialty area. Apart from the cost and form factor, another vital consideration to think about is the kind of lens to get. Canon wide angle lens is possibly one of the most popular options among enthusiasts. Canon wide angle lens has trademarked technology that enables fast focusing. Canon managed to cover a broader range which in turn causes it to be a perfect option for portrait and landscape shots.

As the Canon wide angle lens is really a popular choice, it’s also vital that you first determine what you’re really searching for in a camera lens. You might also need to think about the cost because lenses are always cost the most for all users.

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