If You Can’t Take The Heat Then Get Out Of The Kitchen… Unless Of Course You Have These Cool Gadgets To Hand

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There has always been the latest, greatest invention that makes cooking even easier. However, the 21st century has probably seen some of the most amazing and cool kitchen gadgets ever invented. What follows are two great gadgets that you simply can’t be without for your next summer BBQ.

MP3 BBQ Grill

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We all love a BBQ and there is no greater feeling on a warm summer’s evening than gathering a group of friends together and enjoying a few drinks and some great food. Barbeque parties typically require a bit of music to get the party started, but have you ever considered the possibility of cooking and entertaining your friends with the same piece of equipment?

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This is exactly what the MP3 BBQ Grill is intended for and at a price of US$199.99 it’s certainly a fantastic deal. So, while you are cooking a round of steaks, chicken, burgers and jacket potatoes on the grill, your barbeque will also keep your guests entertained by blasting out your favourite tunes.

The MP3 BBQ Grill is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. It has a cooking area of 200 square inches, which is perfect for fitting on enough food to feed all your guests. The surface encompasses a non-stick coating which ensures that cleaning time is quick and easy, and not forgetting the grease tray which will drain away any excess fat. The barbeque has a 10-watt speaker, an integrated AM/FM radio, and you can even plug in a number of MP3 devices. The BBQ will also work with an iPod or iPhone.

Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

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There’s nothing worse than pulling raw meat or other foods off the barbeque and serving these to your friends and family. With experience you may learn the correct cooking times for certain foods, but it’s always good to err on the side of caution. This is where the Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer will ensure that you produce the perfect food for your barbeque, and your guests will no doubt be impressed by your cooking skills.

The Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is available from US$79.99 and gives you the opportunity to spend less time on the grill and more time with your guests. The thermometer works in conjunction with a related smartphone app for both iPhones and Android and even encompasses a duel temperature probe. This means that you can correctly monitor the temperature and cooking times of several different items at the same time. You will be alerted as to when certain foods are ready, and this is achieved by first inputting the desired temperature of a particular food.

Barbeques are typically a lot of fun and a great way to gather together family and friends. However, all too often someone is stuck with the task of cooking and has less time to socialise with others. With that being said, these two great gadgets can free up your time to spend with others and will ensure that you produce great looking and tasting food.


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