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How To Protect Your Expensive Camera Lenses

The total money that you spend for your digital SLR camera – which include the body, a lens or two, as well as a flash – could easily cost you more than 1000$, and this can be an expensive piece of equipment that you bought.

As time passed by and you become more professional in photography, you are going to gradually add more cameras and accessories to your existing collection especially camera lenses. Each camera lens is used for different types of pictures – some camera lenses are macro and some can be micro. After some time, you will find that your camera equipment are being pile up and occupied more space. As you should know that each of the camera lens could easily be more expensive compare to the money you spend on your DSLR body. So you should imagine yourself how if you are possessing with 6 or 7 different camera lenses!

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For most expensive items you pay for, normally you are going to entitled for insurance coverage. The expensive items can comprised of your car, your house, or any big ticket item. And for camera, you can also get insurance for it even it not really necessary in most cases, especially when you are able to protect the camera lens by just adhering to some simple steps. The glass of the lens could easily get scratched, and it is a great frustration if this happen to you. Therefore, we should now look at some simple methods which can help to protect your precious camera lens from being scratched.

Method 1: Get yourself a camera hood

I bought camera hood for each of my camera lenses. Since all lenses are of different sizes, and each of them are having different focal lengths. The camera hood does not directly protect the lens, since it doesn’t cover the glass. However, it creates an extra barrier in case you drop the lens. The impact force is softened, thus resulting in less damage to the lens frame. On top of that, it becomes much more difficult for hard objects to strike the lens.

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Method 2: Buy a camera filter

The best protection is adding a filter to your lens. Most of this filters can be placed on the front of your Olympus camera lenses. The filters also have additional uses. For example, some prevent UV rays from hitting the image sensor, some soften the lightening, and others add color. Regardless of this side purposes, always attach a filter to your lens! It prevents anything from scratching your lens, which at the end of the day, saves you money.

If you want a general purpose filter, then get a UV filter. It doesn’t change the coloring of your images, and is something that you can keep on your lens all the time.

These filters are much cheaper than your lens. The extremely cheap ones aren’t great quality, and may distort your image slightly, but the good quality ones aren’t expensive.

Method 3: Use your lens cap

Every lens has a lens cap. I see many people making the mistake of not using a cap. Use it! All the time. The only time your lens should not be covered with this is when you are taking pictures.

Remember, don’t be a fool. Protect your tool!

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