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How To Increase Adsense Earnings

If you are a blogger then i think it’s highly impossible that you do not know about Adsense, every blogger knows about Adsense because it is one of the best program for bloggers to earn money from their blog, but it is not possible for all bloggers to get Adsense account approved because getting Adsense account approval is very tough these days, Google is following very strict rules to approve blogs, in earlier days Getting Adsense account was as easy as 1, 2 ,3 but now it is not the case you need to follow the rules and stick to their guidelines religiously, if you have Adsense account approved and you are you are not earning properly then please continue reading our article how to increase Adsense earnings.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

How To Increase Adsense Earnings

Getting Adsense approval is very tough these days and after getting approval many people complain about low earnings and almost zero earnings even after months, what could be the reasons, the reasons are simple we need to follow some simple rules to maximize our earnings

Tip 1

Use both Text and display ads, some people believe that only display ads work better and ignore text ads, always display both type of ads on your site, this option will give you higher chances of earning.

Tip 2

Place ads between posts, this option will increase your earnings use rectangle boxes as they have good CTR rate, this method is used by many bloggers, this may distract users from reading but it is a good option to place ads in between posts

Tip 3

Try to get organic traffic, earnings also depend on how and from where we receive traffic. Getting traffic from tier 1 countries such as USA and UK is considered as good and has excellent CPC. Try to get traffic from USA and UK by visiting social networking sites and forums of respective countries and discuss some important topics on the forus by using your blog link as your signature.

Tip 4

If you are running your blog on WordPress the you will be having a official plugin offered by Google from which you can place the ads wherever you want, just start using the plugin and experiment with different sizes and colors of the ads and check the performance for a week or 10 days and keep on experimenting.

Tip 5

You can also earn from Adsense for Youtube, if you are a active uploader of videos in Youtube and you have copyrihted videos in your Youtube account the you can apply for Adsense for Youtube, this is also a great option to earn from Adsense

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