How To Convert YouTube Files to MP3

Every day lacks of user visit YouTube to search for their favorite songs, music, movie or other entertainment videos, but, the problem happens when they try to save them on local computer, and run, the computer operating system not understand which software is suitable to run and then show an error message that disturb you deeply.


Actually, YouTube publishes flash videos files FLV, although we see these files daily on the internet, website classified category wise such as, funny videos, tutorial program video, and training videos websites. .flv is the extension of flash files, flash files endorsed by Adobe.

Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe, these are the popular videos website that publishes flv format video.

FLV Player

An average user don’t know what to do with these type files when Window Media Player show code error, this encourage the need of a special player that can open/play such type files and video on local computer, the Adobe Flash Player is most popular player that can play SWF files as well as other formats.

FLV Converter

There is online or web based converter and computer based converter and the FlvtoYoutube is a computer based converter that can be downloaded from website . This is very easy and fast service, first put a link (URL) and then click on next button; user can choose his/here choice formats from available. The process speed depends on the file size and the best quality results in larger files and it takes more time to convert.

After converting YouTube videos to MP3 you have to music collection for your iPod, smart phone or other music system. Many websites provide youtube to mp3 converter freeware or some website applies charges, and when using always remember, that the longer the video is the larger the file will be.

Steps to convert file

Step 1.
First visit and search the video that you like to convert.

Step 2.
Copy the video URL from browser address bar e.g.

Step 3.
Paste this URL in converter text box and then click on a button, most website use “Convert” title on the button.

Step 4.
Download converts result files from the new URL

Yes, finish you have done now share or enjoy music on local devices.


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