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How to Clean a Camera Lens

In order for camera to stay in optimal condition for shooting high quality photos, you will need to clean the camera lens on a regular basis. Lens cleaning can also be an important factor in photo shooting for all photographers. Once the process or method of cleaning is carried out inappropriately, it may hurts the lens can cause for lower quality of photos taken. Therefore, having a correct lens cleaning method is rather important to keep the lens to perform well. Prior for you to begin any process of lens cleaning, you will need to take some time to figure out if your camera lenses are point and shoot lenses or the Singe Lens Reflex (SLR).

camera lens
camera lens

Steps for Cleaning Point-and-shoot lenses

Since all lenses for point and shoot cameras are built-in with the camera body, they will feature with a protective shutter and automated window to protect the glass of lenses from blotches and scratches. These types of lenses tend not to get dirty easily and thus they are no need for cleaning too frequent. The steps for cleaning point and shoot camera lenses are as follow:

1. Switch on the point and shoot camera to open the lens corner.

2. Get a cleaning cloth. Drip a few drops of cleaning fluid on the cleaning cloth.

3. Clean from inside and outside of the lens. Reach all the lens surfaces particularly those cameras that have small lenses.

4. One need to ensure that the lenses haven completely dry before switching off the camera and put on the lens cover.

5. Wait after a while, switch on the camera again and shoot for some photos to assess if the lens is clear for taking photo.

Steps for Cleaning SLR lenses

1. It is necessary for you to remove any grim or dust that is trapped in the lens. Prepare a soft brush such as an oil painting brush and remove any grit or dust mildly.

2. You will need to get a cleaning cloth as oils accumulate on the brushing and lens alone won’t thoroughly clean. Don’t forget to wash the cloth regularly between cleaning.

3. Some severely dirt lenses will need you to clean them strongly. In this circumstance, you will need to get a 100% alcohol base cleaner. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t totally avoid of using paint thinners, turpentine or anything toxic liquid. Even these fluids won’t damage your lenses but they may hurt your face or your eyes as you normally will draw the camera close to your eyes.

4. Get another dry and clean cloth to wipe your camera lens.

5. Keep the lens idle for a while to ensure it is totally dry and mounted back on the camera body.

6. Turn on the camera and take some testing pictures to make sure that the pictures are clear now.

Having safe practices as well as proper steps in cleaning the camera lens can provides you with a lot of benefit. You have to put in extra care by not ruin your lens during the cleaning process. You shouldn’t rush at all and take ample of your time to clean them. If after you do the cleaning but the lens is still not able to take clear pictures, then you will need to ask from professional or go for the lens repair shop to seek for their advice and help on how to salvage your lens. You should do all the necessary steps and precautions to protect your lenses since they are the most precious devices for you to shoot for high quality pictures.

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