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portable washing machine

How to Buy a Mini Portable Washing Machine and Dryer

If your home is best described by the phrase “close quarters,” you probably understand the importance of buying things that are more compact. A space saving washing machine and dryer can be of a lot of assistance. Everyone needs to wash and dry their clothes, and going to the laundry mat can be a pretty big pain. So, if you’re looking to buy a space saving washing machine and dryer, you’ll need to keep a couple of things close to the vest.

portable washing machine
portable washing machine

We think that these tips will help you out a good bit:

• Choose whether or not you’ll want a top or front loading washing machine or dryer. Top loaders allow you to stack a dryer on top.
• Look at your faucet layout; do you have enough space to connect a washing machine? You may have to measure your available space.
• What’s ventilation situation for the dryer? Is it vent-less? If so, you can place it in an enclosed place.
• What kind of warranty is on the product? If something breaks, what’s the company’s service policy to back up the washing machine or the dryer?
• Is the machine ENERGY STAR compliant?

You should always ask yourself these questions when you’re looking for a washing machine and dryer, regardless of how big it is. If the price is right and you feel comfortable about the vendor, you may have found a pretty decent product.

Portable Washing Machine Warnings

The most important thing to remember is that your appliance should be properly connected and used right. To keep you safe, we ask that you read the instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions to the letter. If not, the machine may cause damage to its surroundings. Fortunately, connecting and adhering to the advisories is not too hard to do, although understanding the possible issues may cause people to be more alert and on guard.

With any washing machine, you’re running the risk of experiencing water damage. If the machine is off balance, connected incorrectly, or too full – it is likely to overflow. On most machines “connected incorrectly” usually means that the machine’s “out” tube isn’t properly connected to the drain. If this does occur, the immediate area can take on a decent amount of water in a short time. So, while you’re assuring that everything is connected in the way that it should, be sure it’s on level ground. Also, don’t fill it with water to the brim.

If you have children, defer to a portable washing machine or dryer that comes equipped with a safety lock. Though, in this case, the price is pretty insignificant.

Ensure Warranties for Washers and Dryers

Whether you’re buying a product in store or on the internet, it’s good to know that you have a warranty. In the event that something breaks, there needs to be a reprieve if it hasn’t been too long since you’ve bought it. Unfortunately, many washing machines and dryers are notorious for failing sometimes, and while there have been some great strives to combat this – it’s still somewhat common.

mini washers
mini washers

This only heightens the needs for a warranty and a service policy. If something happens to yourunit, you want to make sure that there is something that will allow you to get it serviced. The service policy should also account for items that are defective, too. That way, you’ll be covered if anything bad happens to your compact washing machine or dryer.

If you need one in a pinch, or aren’t too concerned about the warranty other than it working for a pretty decent amount of time, you may choose to forego one all-together. While it’s not exactly recommended, it can save you some money. Also, there’s always the opportunity to call a repairman from your area in the event that something breaks. They’re normally not too expensive and just about any given area has an expert that can set you straight.

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