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SAP Mobile Technology

How SAP Mobile Technology Can Benefit Your Business

In today’s enterprise technology ecosystem, you don’t need to wonder whether the exponential growth in mobile computing technologies will affect your organization, or even how soon. Chances are that it already does.

SAP Mobile Technology

The question you should be asking yourself instead is how you can best leverage these technological changes to improve the operational responsiveness of your organization? Another consideration is improving the effectiveness of building customer satisfaction and reaching your strategic goals.

This shift to mobile technology can empower your employees to access data when and where they need it. You can boost your organization further by also incorporating the ability to update and revise information into your enterprise solution. By leveraging projections and requirements based on real world data, you can seamlessly track, monitor and manage your business operations with a high degree of accuracy. An SAP consultant from GROM can help you determine how mobile technology will affect your organization and what a mobile strategy can do for you.

So – What Exactly is It?

SAP mobile technology offers your business a single unified mobile computing platform, as the SAP Sybase Unwired platform supports both web-based and native applications. It allows customers, employees, and vendors to collaborate, exchanging data between traditional back end systems.

SAP’s Afaria data protection application is a scalable mobility enterprise management tool that secures and controls both enterprise and employee mobile devices. SAP mobile technology offers end-to-end encryption and enhanced application security for safer employee device use.

The consumerization of corporate IT has been accelerated by mobile computing trends, and the “bring your own device” (BYOD) phenomenon has created an urgent need for a solution that monitors and manages this profusion of devices, versions and platforms. Ensuring the security of company data stored on the devices is an obvious priority. Afaria allows data backup and deletion if a device is lost or stolen. Afaria also manages and delivers fixes, upgrades, and patches.

The SAP mobile solution is a proven multi-purpose development platform that is consistent but very adaptable. It offers mobile marketing and commerce and incorporates mobile messaging and mobile CRM services through its Sybase 365 software, which handles almost two billion messages a day.

How it Benefits Your Business…

SAP mobile technology supports mobile banking, payment and, money solutions. This makes it possible for your business to effectively create engaging and innovative customer facing and internal applications. You can build exactly the apps you need using the SAP mobility design center or reduce your costs by using pre-built mobile applications authored by SAP or SAP partners.  In addition, you can:

  • Support SMS, MMS, IPX and GRX services
  • Use either SAP’s development environment or a third-party commercial IDE
  • Accelerate time-consuming tasks like data access and synchronization
  • Deploy across major systems like iOSx, Windows, Android, and Blackberry.

Developers can also model mobile applications using NetWeaver Developer Studio, which is part of the NetWeaver Mobile suite. This suite also includes a mobile client with store and forward capabilities for occasionally connected business scenarios as well as tools to monitor and administer enterprise devices.

This article is by Craig Shaneck, Director of Sales and Marketing at GROM, an SAP solutions provider, which he’s been a part of since 1998.  He writes and publishes new articles regularly on the GROM blog.

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