How Do Press Releases form a Critical Part of an Internet Marketing Strategy?

Using press releases as part of your search strategy is a must if you want to rank highly for varied and original content. Of course, using press releases will also publicise your website and business around the world, and potentially open your business to a completely new audience.

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The benefits of press releases to a marketing strategy are enormous. Firstly, paid press releases allow for links within the body of the text. This means that if you send a press release through three newswires at 9am, you could potentially have hundreds of backlinks by the end of the day, depending on how many people pick up the content. As well as that, the press release itself could rank highly if it is associated to a brand in some way, further showcasing your business to new leads, and it can also be a great way to shunt anything negative about you or your business online way down the search rankings, to the pages that nobody visits.

When it comes to writing a press release, there is only really one big piece of advice: it needs to be newsworthy. Editors might receive hundreds of these in their inbox each day, so make sure you have a catchy headline, subtitle, and get to the point quickly in the opening paragraph.

Many people think that, because something has to be newsworthy, they won’t have many press releases, as nothing much really happens with their business. Nonsense, you can put a positive, newsworthy spin on anything if you need to, as long as it is well written and doesn’t reek of desperation.

Check out these ideas for press release topics.

Increasing Products or Services

Are you an SEO company that is now offering to take care of clients finding new web hosting solutions to boost their rankings? Is your e-commerce site now delivering to a different part of the world? Just promoting this on your homepage will get some attention; a press release will help you to get so much more.

New Team Members

Okay, so you might not think that anyone would care that you have hired Tom as your new Supply Chain Auditor. Telling the world in a press release, however, gives you the opportunity to tell us a little about Tom, and then concentrate more on publicising your business, and what you are all about.

New Content

While a press release itself is a piece of new content, why wouldn’t you want to publicise all of your other content, especially if your business releases a report into the global economy, or your CEO reflects on what the US Election means for your business and your customers?

As you’re probably guessing, you can make anything press release worthy in order to increase the exposure your business enjoys online. You don’t need to issue a statement for everything that happens in your company, “Janice Makes a Cup of Tea” might be taking things a little too far, but sending regular communications through the newswires will give your internet marketing strategy a significant boost.

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