Home Office Organization – The Key to Every Internet Marketer’s Success

As an Internet marketer, I know exactly how frustrating it can be to work from home and not be able to find the things that are needed when they are needed. However, while other Internet marketers out there claim not to have any time for home office organization, I have come to find that spending some time on it on a regular basis can actually help me save more time in the long run.

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This doesn’t even mean that you have to think about home office organization every single day. To be honest, I actually only organize my home office every week and it isn’t anything comprehensive, either. All that I do is set some time aside to put everything back where they belong. On that note, let us get to the first step of organization…

Step #1: Know where everything is.

Remember: everything has to have an assigned place in order for organization to work in the long run. This means that once you place a file in a folder, for example, you should always put it back into that folder at the end of the day, so you can find it with ease later on.

Now that I think about it, I know a lot of fellow Internet marketers who actual make time to do certain jobs over. However, they never seem to have the time or the patience to do things right from the start. In other words, if they have trouble finding a certain file, for example, they simply give up looking for it and resort to making a brand new one. What I’m wondering is: doesn’t that take so much more time to do? Well, if you just place the file in the right folder to begin with, you can get things done in less than 10 seconds.

In fact, just knowing where your staples are in your home office can save you several minutes of going through several storage bins and desk drawers, or – heaven forbid – going to the next door stationery store to buy more. All of these unnecessary time wasters can be avoided if you just assign a place for everything and put things back everyday. Think about it.

Step #2: Have everything that you need handy.

Naturally, the stationery supplies that you have in your home office should depend on your personal budget and needs. Ideally, you should have everything that you might need handy without necessarily turning your desk into a huge storage area for stationery supplies. If you really do need a lot of supplies, then try investing in a dress or a bookcase to keep them all in and only keep the daily necessities on your desk. Also, when storing your supplies into their assigned storage areas, make sure you label them first, so you can identify them with ease.

I find it helpful to keep my desk as my home office’s main point in order to keep things running smoothly. On that note, I keep all of the equipment that I use frequently within arm’s reach, like my fax machine, my telephone and recent documents. As for my other important documents, I keep some of them in a filing holder on my desk and the others in a filing cabinet nearby. I also have a Yamaha portable generator underneath my desk in case of emergencies.

Step #3: Assign another area in the house as your “break area”.

Although it might seem easier to have a coffee pot in your home office, this is actually a bad idea. First of all, you don’t want to spill coffee anywhere near your work area. Second of all, everybody needs a break from work, so make sure you have yours in another room. This way, you will also be able to stretch without having to stare at your work pile while doing it.

Lastly, Margaret Thatcher commented: Think back on days where you were so satisfied, these were not days when you sat around sleeping, but rather busy days when there was so much to do, and you got it all done.

James Martell is a successful Internet marketer who regularly shares his knowledge and experiences with helpful products, like the portable Duromax generator, for free. He and Arlene, his wife of 27 years, enjoy sharing their knowledge to help others who want to have a successful business. They are able to do this through free affiliate marketing ebooks, podcasts, live online training, and speaking engagements.

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