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HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB VGA Converter Review

HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB / VGA Converter Product Description

This HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB/VGA converter works well with those older TVs and projectors which do not have HDMI inputs with VGA or component interface to accept signals of digital HDMI A/V. It not required for the TV to be compliant with HDCP(High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection). This HDMI converter runs on the single HDMI source accessing to single Component YPbPr + L/R audio sink or single VGA + L/R audio sink.

HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB VGA Converter

The converter makes it possible for a single HDMI device to get easily converted to a single YPbPr or a single VGA component video monitor or projector. This HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB/VGA converter is come together with power adapter. It is able to has a good performance with different sources of video, such as satellite/cable/DVD boxes as well as HD media player. However, the result may be varied if using computer HDMI output to make it as video source, this can be caused by the significant variations in different video cards and user experience.

Instead of using a clone display, you can make use of TV to be an extended display, however, it sometime works but sometime not. With a component video mode, the image will be able to change from center to the left. Users need to know this device DOESN’T support AppleTV since it has no problem with video output but there is problem withe the audio as you will experience no sound coming out. The SPDIF(Sony Philips Digital Interface ) optical audio output not going to work adequately as well.

Technical Details of HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB VGA Converter

– One HDMI input signal convert to one YPbPr+SPDIF+R/L or VGA+SPDIF sink device
– Support video input : HDMI 1.2a; HDCP 1.2 protocol compliant
– Support audio output : SPDIF(Optical)+ R/L analog 2CH Stereo Sound
– Support output : Support up to UXGA, 720P and 1080i(50/60Hz), the same format as input
– Works well with video sources, such as DVD, cable / satellite boxes.
– For people using computer HDMI output as video source, results may vary significantly, due to the significant variations in different video cards and user expertise.
– LED indication when source or sink is working.
– Comes with an universal DC5V power adapter
– This unit doesn’t support AppleTV
– Item Weight: 1 pounds
– Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Review on HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB VGA Converter

HDMI specifications is not going to let your devices to down-convert the HDMI (up-converted or not) to Component Video (as well as its audio) once it’s HDMI. The preamp will be able to up-convert to HDMI in case a non-HDMI equipment is connected to it plus it supports this specific feature, however it doesn’t down-convert. This may be due to the industry of consumer electronics would like all the TV sets to turn into obsolete instantly or it can be also having something related to HDCP (since Hollywood scared of Piracy all the time).

This HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB / VGA Converter gives you the ability for down-convert, at least to a resolution of Component Video (it is as good as the Component Video even it is not a real 1080P). You can as well connect a desktop LCD monitor to the device by using a switch to set either Component Video or VGA but not both concurrently. It is working just fine with the VGA port as well.

Even though the device is working perfectly with the display, but the audio quality could be rather unacceptable as it keeps making loud cracking noises. This may be just a defect for single product that we tested or maybe just a bad design by nature.

If you try to connect the device with your PS3 on a Sony VPH-D50, you may facing issues by making the PS3 to sync with the Sony VPH-D50. What you need to do is you can just disable the 720p or 1080p setting in the PS3 and it will work perfectly. You may either connect to VGA or Component Video and you can know that it actually looks much better with Component Video at 1080i.

HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB VGA Converter 2

The signal source for this device is 1080i as no RPCRT can actually resolve 1080p. It is best to assume that since the HDMI to Ypbpr Component RGB / VGA Converter is created for CRT displays it may well set the resolution limit to 1080i. You have to ensure that your components source aren’t attempting to output 720p. You can do so by going to the Pace menu to check with a No for 780P. More often than not, many devices didn’t set 1080i as the default output resolution. As long as you managed to set it all up, it will work in good condition.

This device can work with any HD display by going through some calibration work. You also need to make sure that your Blu-Ray player is setting to output with 1080i to enable you to adjust the settings connected to that scan rate. For the transcoder, the only transcoder in which is able to works would be the later HD Furry products.

Just about any issues with image switching to the left and right can be just the setting of resolution which you need to adjust for your input device or your TV. You may experience a little dark picture with the display resolution. If you have a projector, you can play around with the contrast and brightness and you are going to get an excellent display resolution and you can start enjoy watching your favorite movie.

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