HDMI cable

HDMI Connections Over Long Distance

Making an upgrade right from CRT based TV to a sleek HDTV is very common in today’s world and due to the technology of HDTV is constantly on getting even more mature, people are going to upgrade their other TV sets to HDTV as well. As of now, HDMI stand to be the de-facto standard for making the connection from HD source to HDTV. For some electronic devices such as projectors, the lengths of the cable could extent to as long as 50 feet plus it will need some different solutions for it connectivity. Here are some of the solutions for distributing HDMI connection in an excessive distance that you can refer to.

HDMI cable
HDMI cable

Possible Solutions for HDMI Extension:

HDMI Extenders:

For electronic devices in which the cable for HDMI is instantly accessible and can be installed without any difficulty, a workable solution to extend the HDMI reach would be installing an HDMI Extender at the end of the cable. Almost all HDMI extenders function by flexible equalization, timing skew, and also frequency varying signal attenuations compensation. For most of the electronic devices that carry a length of connection in between 35-75 feet, it is highly recommended to go for HDMI Extender.

HDMI over Ethernet:

You are able to send out HDMI signal through a set of standard Ethernet cables by making use of HDMI to Ethernet converters. These types of converters allow transmission of 1080P High Definition HDMI video and audio signal through a set of standard Ethernet CAT5/6 cables.

Making use of HDMI over Ethernet Transceiver makes it possible for users to work with standard CAT 5/ 6 cables for the purpose of quick and easy installation.

Benefits for using HDMI over Ethernet:

-With the use of Ethernet cables as well as HDMI connectors, you will be able to terminate the field easily and conveniently. By doing so, it will enabling users to carry out the installation task properly with the required cable length to get greatest flexibility and get rid of logistics issues when come to get HDMI cables with custom lengths. It will not necessary for you to top pre-measure and ordering customized cables.

-Such solution enables transmission of 150 feet (1080p) and 300 feet (1080i) through Ethernet cables. For getting the 1080p signal, it is advisable for you to use the CAT 6 cable as it will provide you with the greatest performance.

To Sum Up:

Since the market for HDTV is keeping growing and getting more and more mature, most of the consumers will need to be educated on the video connections for HDTV. The above are some workable solutions for distributing HDMI through long cable, therefore, users are able to make their own smart choices when deciding on the video connections for HDTV.

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