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Guitar Software: 10 Free Online Learning Tools for Beginners

The guitar software is typically used to help guitarists in recording and editing musical pieces. It allows them to add accompaniment and perform tasks such as tuning.

guitar software
guitar software

However, developers used this technology to help aspiring guitarists in learning the ropes of how to play the guitar as well. If you need such program, then here are 10 best software available online.

10. Jamorama

Jamorama features a wide list of video tutorials for amateur guitarist which includes proper handling of the pick and the guitar, strumming, and plucking. You will also learn some basic chords such as D, A, and E from its video library. Because it’s an online tool, you can access the software through mobile devices anywhere you go.

Full subscription costs $20/month but you can have the trial version for free.

9. iPlayMusic

This software gives you access to video tutorials that are available in different angles for effective learning. You can also determine your learning speed by controlling the frame rate of videos without decreasing its sound quality. The videos go directly to guitar learning and no longer brings you to the theory of musical notes.

Download it for free online and choose the correct installer for your operating system.

8. Gitarrero Beginner

Gitarrero Beginner has a wide list of songs that you can play at 10 different levels. The tutorials focus mainly on strumming patterns from standard rhythms to groovy styles. It’s an offline application, letting you access its music libraries even without internet connection.

Both full and demo versions are available through its official website.

7. Chord Scale Generator

Chord Scale Generator is an award-winning tool for all your guitar scales and chords needs. It has all scales and chords for all string instruments like charango, violin, guitar, cello, domra, and others. You’ll also get access to all predefined string tunes to help you set up your instrument before practicing.

Download the free trial now and unlock its full features by purchasing an activation key.

6. Guitar Method

With its visual animations, Guitar Method is very fun and interactive to use. It teaches you the basic notes, allowing you to play music sheets with your acoustic guitar. It’s also filled with techniques that you can use to quickly understand multiple rhythms without confusion.

The software costs $49.90 but it comes with a free trial for evaluation.

5. Guitar and Drum Trainer

Guitar and Drum Trainer helps you listen to your favorite song without missing any instrumental details. It can slow down music files to help you identify musical techniques within the song. You can also control your learning speed by creating loops on complicated parts of the song.

You can download its trial version for free before buying the full version.

4. Guitar Magic Evolution

The software is packed with different features like dictionary of chords and more than 150 of lessons to master the guitar. It’s easy to install with real-time support from the developers. The interface is very easy to navigate, helping you learn music with ease and convenience.

You can get its trial version before buying the program’s license.

3. aGuitar Pro

aGuitar Pro is filled with tutorials for aspiring guitar and bass players. It featuresĀ  easy-to-use tab viewer and chords generator. With a click on your mouse, you can listen to the tune of each displayed chord without leaving the lyrics on screen. Its free trial is always available for download online.

2. Guitar And Bass

This application features both chords builder and library to help you learn the basics of guitar playing. It will give you some challenges to put your knowledge and talent to the test. You can customize the interface to your liking, allowing you to play notes and practice chords upfront. It’s completely free to download from the internet.

1. Guitar Guru

This program features a fret board with real-time finger display. It has an interface which you can customize with guitar skins and colored dots to represent finger positions. It allows you to adjust tempo to 300% max without decreasing the pitch. You can download it online at no cost.

Did we forget the software you currently use? Share your favorite guitar software below and tell us how to get it. vagueware.com can get an updated for about software development.

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