Guide On Make Money through Twitter With Cashcrate

Many people asking on how to make money with Twitter, Here I would like to share with you on the method that I use which make me decent income month after month.

Make Money with Cashcrate

Ok first off, Cashcrate is the largest Twitter Advertising and Twitter Marketing Platform on the web. Advertisers can effectively reach tens of millions of Twitter users by using peoples tweets as ads. A little more detailed, when you register on Cashcrate, you can post ads etc on your twitter as a or not, you decide! And don’t worry about losing your account, the people who own it make much more than stealing accounts!

The idea with Cashcrate is that after you sign up, you complete surveys or other offers and get credited some money. The average amount seems to be around $0.50, but some of the offers I’ve completed on Cashcrate went up to a couple bucks. Then, at the end of the month, if your completed offers total more than $10, they send you a check.

For the people who don’t know or only have a vague idea of twitter and how it works, “followers” really speak for themselves! The main point is to follow people and then get them to follow you back..and doing this successfully will lead to great success on Cashcrate, and even further if you are into referral. The more followers you have, the more “traffic” will see your ads or tweets and hence lead to more clicks etc on Cashcrate, and then..more $$$!

*Getting Followers*
When you look at twitter, the most followed person is “Ashton Kutcher”, with 3million+ followers..and that grows very steadily each day! So there are a few ways people can do this!
1. Pretend you are some1 famous, music, sports, celeb..
2. Pretend you are a porn star..(speaks for itself)
3. A random hot girl..(also speaks for itself)
4. You are a millionaire sharing your tips..
5. Maybe everyone loves you and you will be successful!

Not to be mean or anything, but if you want Cashcrate to personally aren’t going to get followers or anything like you may aswell work through it this is money right?


There is a limit to the amount of people you can follow each day..this is to stop spammers! But as get followers to your account..that limit is lifted! So after you follow lets say..500 people, leave it 24 hours, then come back and go to the website below, and unfollow all or whatever you want! Its really rinse and repeat everyday, but your followers will build and build! Remember the more you have, the more money you will make on RevTwt! Think of it this way..if you have 1000 followers, and you tweet an ad from RevTwt, realistically 600-800 people are seeing it..and you can make up to .20 per do the math!

Twitter Bulk Unfollow

Ok, after you have read everything above..Im hoping its a little clearer!  Now I will talk about the process!

Sign up With Cashcrate

*Step 1*
– Create 10 twitter accounts (doesn’t have to be 10, depends on how much times you have for account creation)
– Remember, what type of account you have made, celeb, sports etc..use a good and believable image it!
– In notepad, write down the username and password, if you forget any of them you can just go back to it and find the U or PW, needed for unfollowing!

*Step 2*
– Sign up to Cashcrate
– To refer users to Cashcrate, use your referral URL!

*Step 3*
– Download following bot..see above for the downloads, you decide which 1 you want to use
– Add the account/accounts to the bot, find people..and follow them! This is where you leave it the 24 hours b4 unfollowing!

*Step 4*
– Leave it 24 hours on each account, then go to the unfollowing website and unfollow all/unfollow those you aren’t re-following..again you decide!
– Rinse and repeat each day..simple as that

*Step 5*
– Set up controlling platform for all your accounts
– My ten accounts is updated one shot by an msn bot, thus I just post something to the bot over msn messenger and all my accounts are updated one shot!
– This step ensures that you look like a real person, so I normally post things like “Work is boring etc”, and this step ensures that you don’t have to sign into each account and update each one (Saving you at least 20 minutes each time)
– The bot setup is done through the following site

– Once you have signed up to this site add all 10 your twitter accounts (providing full log in details)
– Once that is done look for the link which states MSN/Messenger update (and follow the steps)
– Note that you don’t have to use MSN messenger for bulk updates you may also use the site directly or various other steps

*Some Tips*
Unfortunately twitter is getting seriously spammed out with bots and what quite alot of people you follow each day are gunna be bots! But still, ways that I have found work..use celebs, as in *…..official* etc..

Follow a lot of people from the most followed, Ashton, it!

Pictures are quite important, also try set up an instant direct message, makes it more believable!

This is not instant money making, you have to do this for a couple of weeks, the more followers the more money you will make, aka $2 a day to $10..etc etc etc!

This is the method for making money with Cashcrate.


The other advance method to earn money is through Revtwt, here is the ebook to teach you on how to make everything in autopilot way. From following people on Twitter to making auto post for all your Twitter accounts and posting ads via Revtwt and tweet in Twitter…, all in autopilot. The ebook is only sold for $17 and you can expect to earn back your invested money in just couple of days if you follow exactly what this ebook tell you.

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