Green Technology And The 5 Big Myths We Seem To Believe

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Whenever someone mentions green technology I wonder what pops into your head. Do you think it’s some magical technology that is going to save our planet from destruction? Maybe it’s too expensive and only the rich can afford it. The things you automatically assume could be wrong because there are a lot of myths flying around. I think it’s a good idea to address some of those myths because you might think about things differently from now on.

You can Recycle Everything


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Green technology sounds like the best thing in the world because of the name. How can something so environmentally friendly cause so much harm? Some materials you use to build your home can be reused, or if they’re biodegradable they can be disposed of easily. Other things like refrigerators might save you a lot of energy, but when it’s time to get rid of them they’re suddenly not so green anymore.

They Don’t Damage the Environment


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We’ve just talked about how things can’t be recycled once you’ve finished with them, but let’s also look at how they are manufactured in the first place. Green appliances don’t grow on trees, so I guess they’re not so green after all. Materials need to be dug out of the ground and they need to be transported all over the world. We can maybe say green products are good for the environment once they’re in your home, but they still damage the environment a little bit.

Green Technology is Superior


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A lot of people think green technology is superior, but at the end of the day it’s only better at helping our planet which doesn’t really affect you in a big way. There could be other options out there that are much better, so you need to think carefully before you purchase something. If you build your home with certain green materials will they last as long as materials you might consider evil? Don’t choose something because it’s green if it’s actually inferior.

The Ultimate Way to Save Energy


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Do you know the best way to save money at home? Is it throwing out all your old light bulbs and replacing them with energy-efficient ones? Will you save more energy if you switch on your fans instead of the air conditioning unit? You could save a lot more energy if you remembered to switch the lights off when you left the room, and you could open the windows instead of putting on your fans. There are sometimes better ways to save energy instead of using green technology.

They are more Expensive


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If you’ve ever had a quote for solar panels you probably know how expensive they are, but over the course of a few years you will eventually get your money back. Check if there are any rebates available from the government. Think about all the money you’ll save when you don’t have to heat your water using electricity from the grid. There are also a lot of green ways to save money without spending much and roof insulation is the perfect example.

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