Kindle Fire

Get Ready for the Kindle Fire 2

If you own the Kindle Fire, released in September of 2011, you know that Amazon puts out a great product in the tablet market. The Kindle Fire took the tablet world by storm after its introduction, offering a viable alternative to the eternally popular iPad for many consumers who like the idea of all-in-one tablets but don’t want or need a contract with ATT in order to actually get the most all around usage out of it. Consumers and reviewers alike are reacting with even more enthusiasm to news from CNETthat Amazon will release a new version of the Kindle Fire in late summer to early fall of 2012. We study what the early reviews are saying about the Kindle Fire 2, and whether or not you should get your hands on one immediately or wait for an improved version.

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire 2: Three new models for late 2012, early 2013?

The first news which has reviewers and consumers salivating is that there will be not just one, but three different versions of the Kindle Fire 2 coming down the pike. Two of the rumored models are expected to have production in August. Those are a 7-inch model with a 1024 by 600 display, but no camera; and a 7-inch tablet with a slightly larger display at 1280 by 800 and which will include a camera. Another version of the latter model is rumored for production in September. It will have the same 1280 by 800 display and camera, but will add 4G. The third rumored model will have an unknown later production, sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012 or the first quarter of 2013. It will be slightly larger than the August and September production models, at 8.9 inches, and is rumored to have a 1920 by 1200 display, which would be one of the highest resolutions on the market for a tablet. These higher resolutions will allow the Kindle Fire 2 tablets to make the most use of what will be an impressive 216 pixels per inch density. Consumers will notice better definition in their browsing, games, books, and apps when the Kindle Fire 2 tablet becomes available later this year.

The Kindle Fire 2: Great for Amazon Junkies, Passable for Everyone Else?

Overall, most reviewers want a new version of the Kindle Fire 2, and believe it will be a great alternative to other tablets out on the market. However, just as iPad suffers from being associated too closely with ATT, so too does the Kindle suffers a little from being associated closely with Amazon. One reviewer expressed disappointment that the Kindle Fire 2 would still be ‘locked to Amazon’. In spite of Amazon having many amazing books, apps, movies and shows available for download, this reviewer wanted more freedom of choice about what kinds of apps are useable. Another reviewer echoed those sentiments, and felt that the Kindle Fire 2 family of products would just be a faster way to order from Amazon. That is a trade-off that the consumer will need to make for his or herself. If you are buying the Kindle Fire 2, however, you are already a fan of the great products and apps Amazon offers, so that should be a positive. As the Kindle Fire 2 is not even available for a hands-on review, our suggestion is to wait and see. It’s possible that between now and the end of the year more features will be announced for the Kindle Fire 2 which will make it an even more attractive option for Amazon junkies and the general population of tablet users alike. Stayed tuned.

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