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Gadgets That Remove Stress From Your Overseas Holiday


No matter how well you prepare for your trip overseas, there is always a little detail that seems to be overlooked. Unless you always travel to the same resort, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will have a few unwelcome issues awaiting you. Well, we think that each trip abroad should be an adventure and who really wants to see the same faces year in year out? So with that idea in mind, we have selected a few useful products that have been designed to allow the brave travellers out there, a little luxury and a lot of peace of mind for their next foreign jaunt!

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

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If you have ever experienced that terrible moment when you are at the airport and you realise that your suitcase isn’t on the baggage carousel, you will love this product so much! The airport staff are usually surly and disinterested in the fact that all of your killer outfits and essential items are nowhere to be seen. This is a sure fire way to ruin anyone’s expensive annual holiday, and then some! Well, Trakdot Luggage Tracker feels your pain and will do its utmost to find that darned suitcase for you! The luggage monitor sits securely inside your luggage item and is hooked up to an app on your smartphone. The GSM equipped device emits a signal that lets you know where in the world your precious bag happens to be. It carries a $13 per annum subscription fee but we think that is a small price to pay, even if it only proves to annoy those miserable airport staff a little more!

Bluetooth Connected Watches

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We love this ultra-cool watch and it happens to be extremely useful as well. Theses watches are Bluetooth enabled and simply hook up to your phone and allow you to use them for communication. As well as looking absolutely fabulous they will allow you to chatter away to your heart’s content whilst envious holiday makers look on in awe and wonderment! Both Apple and Android driven devices work with these watches and you can also receive and send text messages via the Bluetooth Connected Watch! A real winner that is well worth the $250 price tag, and the watch itself never misses a beat.

The Powerbag Business Class Pack


This is a very classy backpack that will soon be all the rage amongst the gadget and fashion conscious travellers out there! These stylish and durable backpacks will happily carry all of your clothes and accessories as well as having a very clever extra included. The Powerbag will charge your phone or PDA device as you travel around the globe, it has a power outlet that contains enough battery juice to power a smartphone up to 4 times! In between charges you simply top up the built in battery system and you’ll never be caught short again. The backpack also contains a patented laptop storage system that negates the need to remove your machine when you go through airport security. We love this multi-functional travel kit and suggest you check one out soon!

Trouble Free Travel?

So, there we have 3 very different but equally useful travel related gadgets. They may not remove every stress related issue from your experience but they will certainly make your trip a lot easier!

Today’s guest author, Jeremy Soans, is a sales executive at Concept Plus, a store for custom made personalized pens in Canada. His hobbies include reading, fishing and listening to music.

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