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Having Fun With Photo Booths

Having a photo booth in an event is a great way to capture your guests in a fun way. Old fashioned photo booths were those you took your passport photos which can be hard to use. Most of the time you would need to adjust the seat and stare at the lens with a serious face. While the modern booths can let you to shoot for great photos as long as you follow simple rules.

photo booth
photo booth

Shoot For Best Photo

First, you need to decide between you and your friends whether you want a serious or fun photo, or a mixture of the two. Outside the booth there should be a prop box to accessorise the picture with. Select a prop that doesn’t fully cover your face and something that matches the color of your outfit. If the booth is set up for greenscreen to add the background after the photo is taken, then you should not choose a prop that is green. Once you have all your prop chosen, you may enter the booth and start photo captured.

Some booths may have a seat but it is much better to stand for the photo. Follow the on screen instructions but pause before taking actual photo. At this point the camera should be showing you how you look on the screen. Take time to adjust your hair, props and clothes. The most important piece of advise is you should now ignore the screen and focus looking at the camera lens for the photo. Click the button on the screen to start then continue to pose into the camera.

Most photo booths will take 4 photos in quick succession. For you to get a great set of images, change your stance, pose and if you are feeling brave, you can change your props in between shots. Continue to smile or pull faces at the camera, count each shot until you get to 4 and you’re done. Now look at the screen to see the images and if you’re happy with the shots click to print. You may have the option to cancel the images and start again. If you are not happy with how you look inside the photo after it is print out, you can still able to shoot again.

It is advisable to make a group of 4-6 people in the booth to get the best shots. So you may buy a photo booth, grab a prop to enter the booth and remember the simple steps to get the perfect picture.

Guest Book

One of the features available when hiring a photo booth is a Guest Book. This allows guests to take a picture in the booth, have 2 copies printed, one for them and one for the guest book. Next to the photo a guest can write a hand written personal message. This is a very popular feature at parties and weddings as it makes a scrap book style picture message.

If you have a specific color scheme or theme to your event that you wish to match with the guest book, it is possible for you to ask the booth suppliers to accommodate this. Pictured is the most popular style, where guests can stick the image onto the page in their own style. This doesn’t restrict them to a certain message length or style so they can customise their message.

Some booth suppliers will offer their staff to help to put the guest book together throughout the event. They will give out the copy of the print to the guest and then manage the guest book ensuring as many of your guests get to write their message. Most booth suppliers offer unlimited print outs from the photo booth so guests can capture the entire event without restrictions or limitations. The photo booth guest book acts as a great keepsake that you can revisit when you want to see the fun that was had at your event.

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