Four Tools That Every Novice Builder Needs To Own

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If you’re new to building just about anything, whether it’s a birdhouse for your backyard or a brand new bookshelf for your office room, you need to invest in the right tools that will ensure you’ll get the job done right and within the shortest period of time possible. Having the right tools on hand will also help you construct your project with the smallest amount of waste possible, so investing in expensive tools that are built to last will certainly be worthwhile, and you can rest assured that the tools will pay themselves back as well.

Continue reading if you’re a novice builder but you want to make mini construction projects your new hobby. The following four tools are absolute essentials that you’ll need before you get started on your next project.

Power Drill

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In addition to the very basic hammer and nails, you should most certainly invest in a power drill. This tool will allow you to drill holes into any type of material that you’re constructing with, whether it’s wood, brick, or metal. These tools are powerful, reliable, and durable. Purchase one that has a rechargeable battery if you don’t want to plug it in and deal with an extension cord every time, but expect that the battery may not hold a charge for very long, especially as the tool begins to age.

Use your power drill when you want to insert screws quickly into various building materials as well. This will save you loads of time that would otherwise be spent nailing them in with a hammer.


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A level is essential for making sure that all of your building materials are lined up just right before you start putting everything together. Without the proper alignment, your project will not be strong enough to support itself or anything that you put on it.

Tape Measure

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A tape measure is the tool that will ensure you’ll always cut just the right amount of material off of a piece of wood, sheet metal, or any other building material so that you can eliminate waste and make sure that you get the job done right.


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A saw is such a simple tool, yet a lot of people don’t bother purchasing one when they first become homeowners and begin putting together a toolbox for home repairs that consists of everything from screwdrivers to bolts and fasteners. For building, though, a saw is a very important asset to have on hand at all times. There are a variety of saws to choose from to match your various building needs, such as coping saws, miter saws, keyhold saws, hacksaws, and crosscut saws, but a handsaw will do just fine for basic projects. For larger projects, you may want to invest in a table saw or a circular saw.

When it comes to constructing your own projects at home, you’ll need a basic toolkit to get you through it. But in addition to your basic set of tools, you need to also invest in specific ones that will help you build the best project possible.

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