Flash Photography Using Canon 430EX II

The Canon 430EX II is an excellent flash to buy for the Canon photographic system. Using built in flash of the camera is not always a good option considering the location of the camera’s flash. The flash is normally of small size and very close to the axis which means the results are very harsh and often result in red eye effect.

Whats Good About Canon 430EX II Flash

This means that an external flash is required. This brings us to the canon lineup of flashes. You can also use third party flashes for use with Canon cameras, however this is not recommended. The range of Canon flashguns cover everyone from beginner to professional. 430EX II falls in the mid level range and is targeted at advance amateurs, hobbyist and professional photographers.

Canon 430EX II Camera Flash

The Canon 430EX II has a lot of new features over its predecessor. Fast recycling time (by 20%), improved locking and release mechanism achieved by a new metal foot design with redesigned connection pins.

The Canon 430EX II features AF assist beam which covers up to 9 AF points enabling to focus in very dark or low contrast situations.

The Canon 430EX II features 9 custom functions. The slave settings have been shifted to the zoom button from the old switch.

The flash head can be tilted and swiveled forward. This is great for fill in flash and bounced flash.

Canon 430EX II Camera Flash 2

The Canon 430EX II flash is equipped with E-TTL II (Electronic-Through The Lens version II). This uses a pre-flash to measure the distance of the subject for proper amount of light and adjusting the exposure. This also measures the color tone and sets the correct white balance.

Manual Mode of Canon 430EX II Flash

In manual mode the 430 gives settings in 1/3 increments for increased control. The settings on the 430 can be used from the menu of Canon EOS Camera.

In a master and slave system, the 430EX II can act only as a slave flash.

There are many ways to do flash photography. One is to use the in built flash on the camera. Now that you have read my article you would know that this is not a recommended way. Although it is handy and can be used when you cannot find or use an external flash, it is most likely to give you red eye and harsh shadows. The reason being that the light source is very close to the lens. The speedlite. like 430ex sits way above the lens and gives a very different dimension to light by being flexible in using straight on, bounced or just as filled in flash. The options discussed above add more versatility to it.

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