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Five KPIs You Need To Track For Your Law Firm’s Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies in the digital marketing world. Most SEO strategies these days greatly depend on the consistent production and distribution of good online content. In order to assess the effectiveness of a content marketing strategy it is important to define and track the right KPIs. Online marketers often still fail to track the right KPIs for their content marketing campaigns, consequently executing unoptimized content marketing strategies. Below we’ve listed five KPIs that you should probably be tracking for your content marketing campaigns.

Bounce Rate

This KPI can show you how engaging your content is or if you are targeting the right audience. A high bounce rate signals that the reader did not find what he was looking for. In order to decrease your bounce rate and increase conversation rates, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right audience with your content and delivering what they are after.

Also make sure to track the time spent on your website. If people on average spend just 10 seconds on your site after landing on an article that’s 10 pages long, then any number of unique visits to your site won’t help your cause. If your content is good and targeted at the right audience, your bounce rate should be low and time spent high.

Devices Used

It’s important to know what devices your visitors are reading your content on. Especially for written content you want to make sure that it is optimized for any type of device that it is being read on and offers an especially good user experience on the devices that are used the most to access your site.

Social Shares

Social shares can be very powerful for reaching a bigger audience and potentially having your content go viral. Make sure to place social share buttons next to all of your content. Experiment with the placement and look/size of these buttons to see what works best.


Knowing where your visitors are accessing your content from can be a very useful KPI to measure. Google Analytics can give you the geographical areas from which different pages on your site are visited most. Using this information you can tailor your content for a specific geographical location.


The number of comments on an article gives a good indication of the engagement or controversy that a piece of content generates. Content that’s engaging, thought-provoking or controversial often evokes more reactions, which is what you usually want to achieve. The more people are involved in the conversation, the better, even if some reactions are negative. You can’t please everyone after all, and legitimate negative comments provide feedback that you can use to improve your content.

Content marketing is here to stay and if you want to make sure that your campaign is achieving its goals it’s imperative to always be measuring your KPIs and adjusting your campaign according to your results. Only through continually improving your content can you execute a successful content marketing campaign.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Kyle Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in New Braunfels, Texas.

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