Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera – Pink and Blue

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera – Pink

There are many kids digital cameras available on the market nowadays. For kids, regardless of what their age is, they are always like to take photos like what grown-up do. Therefore, that’s the invention of Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. If you plan to buy a , you will found the following review will be able to help you out.

Features of Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera seemed to be in fact beautifully made with easy to use features for children. This digital camera for children is actually shock mounted. So parents do not have to worry if their children drop it as it is not going to lose cause. This Fisher Price kids digital camera is waterproof so you do not need to worry if your kids spill water on the camera. The camera may also be water-resistant for 30 minutes in the swimming pool as much as 3 feet of water in case you kids want to take photo in the pool.

One of the main differences among this camera is the two eye viewing feature, LCD preview screen and digital arts & crafts studio software. It is usually very difficult for children to master to just use one eye when taking photo with the camera. The control buttons for the Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera are large and easy to use, therefore you kids will have no problem to operate it. The camera also featured a built in Auto flash that your kids can take photo even in dark area or during night time with low light.

The camera come with 640 x 480 resolution. This is very low in comparison to the more expensive digital camera models currently available on the market. However, don’t forget that as the camera is specially designed for the three to six year old kids, your kids are not really going to observe the difference.

The Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera has an 64MB built-in memory. This allows the camera to store up to 500 photos. Photos could be transfer to a computer or laptop by using an USB cord for computer for editing and printing or emailing. The USB cable is come together when you buy the camera.

Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera – Blue

fisher price kid tough digital camera blue
The camera also comes with 4 x AAA batteries. While having almost all things that are battery powered, getting great method of getting batteries readily available may prevent many bad occasions, in the event the camera remains on.

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera available in 2 colors, camera in blue and pink color. Carrying digital camera case is available with attractive design and assorted colors your children will like!

If you wonder whether this camera is worth to buy. Then the answer is always depends as this is not a professional camera that you can use to shoot for high quality pictures. But the camera can offer your kids a lot of photographing enjoyments.

You may check and see if this products is available online. You can find this Fisher Price Kid Tough digital cameras between your local stores or search them at online store such as Amazon in toys and games category.

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