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DISH HD DVR Receiver

DISH Network Duo HD DVR Receiver

Satellite TV service is a common feature of every household. The plethora of channels and programs mesmerize the each and every family member. If you have some knowledge about satellite ^TV services, you must be knowing about DISH Network. This is one of the best known satellite TV service in the US. This satellite TV service has designed its channels and programs to quench the entertainment thirst of everyone.

DISH HD DVR Receiver
DISH HD DVR Receiver

News, music, movies, sitcoms, current events, talk shows and what not – a huge range of programming is offered in HD quality in DISH Network! When you have such a marvelous satellite TV service at home, can you think of missing your favorite show? Life-like images and sound of movies and matches are sure to take you to that world. But what if programs are missed due to some cause? There is nothing to fret!

DISH Network has brought DVR receivers for its viewers. So, now you hardly have any chance of missing any of your favorite shows. Have to attend some meetings at the time of your favorite football match? Record it and watch it later. Interested to know how this is feasible??? Read on…

DISH Network Duo DVR Receivers – Yes, this is only equipment that has created this miracle for the viewers. Come and have a look at the HD Duo DVR receivers you can avail to heighten your enjoyment!

DuoDVR® 625                                          

  • Supports independent viewing in 2 SD TVs each having a remote control.
  • Independent watching of 2 TVs in 2 rooms, or recording of a show in one room while watching the other in some other room.
  • Facilitates watching one pre-recorded show and recording two different shows together.
  • DVR facility for pausing, recording and for playback TV.
  • 250 GB of hard drive.
  • Picture-in picture feature enabling watching of 2 separate things on a single screen.

DuoDVR® ViP 722k

v  Supports viewing of 2 different TVs each having a remote control of its own.

v  Independent watching of 2 TVs in 2 rooms, or watching one show in one room and recording another in another room.

v  Watching one pre-recorded show and recording two distinct shows simultaneously.

v  DVR facility allowing to pause, playback TV and record.

v  500 GB of hard drive.

v  Picture-in-picture feature let watching 2 things on a single screen.

v  DISH On Demand feature allowing you to choose from numerous TV shows or movie titles.

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