Color Enhancing Tools For Professional Shots

The key to taking professional photographs and editing them in such a way that they look like they have been taken with a great quality camera, is to make the most of the lights and colors within that shot. No matter how seemingly dull a picture looks at first, it can always be altered to have the effect that you want.

Color Splashes on Black and White

A really great effect to add to artistic black and white photographs is a splash of color. Whether it is a black and white birthday photo where just one colorful balloon is highlighted, or a grayscale beach photo where one boat in the distance is the only colorful object, these kinds of effects can add a splash of color to any basic image and draw the attention towards the desired part of the picture.

Enhancing Colors on Wedding Photos

Wedding photos can look particularly classy when taken in black and white, and as most wedding pictures are very colorful, throwing in a few black and white shots can add a professional touch to your overall portfolio. A wedding photo of the happy couple with a splash of color can make a great souvenir shot of the day, and may even be the one that gets displayed at home for its creativity. A photo of the couple with the bride’s bouquet’s colors highlighted can be a great effect to add to such a special picture.

Making the Most of Vacation Snaps

It can be disappointing when you go on vacation and all of your images look a little amateurish. By using a number of tools in photo editing software, you can enhance the colors and adjust shadows, saturation and lighting to make any picture worthy of a professional photo album.

An app for Mac such as ColorStrokes for example enables the user to add more “drama” to an image by drawing focus to a certain part of the picture using color; visit MacPhun to find out more about the effects that you can add to your vacation pictures and other snaps. Pick colorful landscapes such as poppy fields or beaches so that you can make the most of the natural colors that are out there.

Color Tools for Creating New Effects

One of the most popular and also most basic ways of adding emphasis to one part of a picture or totally enhancing the whole image is to boost its colors. Anything can be colorful – even a barren desert landscape can be enhanced by adding a dramatic sky or making the sand a color you wouldn’t expect.

When highlighting images with simple color splashes, make sure that you keep the colors bold and bright. A black and white image with a stunning sunset on the horizon for example doesn’t have to look realistic – it needs to capture the audience’s attention and imagination. Additional features in editing software will also allow you to blur certain parts of the image so the focus is on the colored object.

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