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Choose The Best VPS Hosting That is Within Your Budget

Recently, I have a reseller calling me and asking whether he should shift to VPS hosting as one of his website that with shared hosting having 12,000 visitors online daily. At first, I just think of Wow, how can this happen to a shared hosting? Then he told me that the site is host with BlueHost and now he is facing big problem as the database will crack almost every hour. I think for some other shared hosting, they will already suspend the account due to the heavy bandwidth usage of their shared hosting.

Hurry for a VPS Hosting

Therefore, he is in hurry to shift to a VPS hosting in order to get rid of the headache and down time that he faced now. What my client required is a great, secure and reliable hosting company and he is wonder what kind of VPS hosting plan that he should choose?

For the advice to this client, I ask him to determine the budget and find the best host that is within that budget. I told him that if I were him I’d ask the question in a different way. Instead of asking what type of hosting you need I would ask what is the best among them that can meet my budget. Once you have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 of the best VPS hosting companies then you can ask them what features they can suggest to you with your budget.

I then share with him that I would recommend him to choose a managed VPS plan that comes with at least 512 MB of RAM. What I mean managed is the hosting must have a control panel such as Plesks or Cpanel in order to make the management easy. Many hosting providers out there in the market are able to offer unmanaged hosting for $9.95 per month but if you are not a server savvy guy, then you will have problem with it. It is advisable you pay more for a managed server with less hassle.

A VPS hosting for sure be enough to cater 12,000 visitors. However, its also depends on what the site is features for. If it is a pictures or videos sharing site for uploading and downloading, then a large volume of bandwidths are required and even a VPS hosting will not able to handle this.

Set a Budget for Your VPS

One thing you shouldn’t do is asking for some kind of services that almost no hosting provider can offer you. But you can have your own criteria. The other thing you should bear in mind is that not every VPS hosting with 1GB RAM is having the same perfomance. I have found 512MB VPS on some hosts outperform 1GB VPS on others.

Finally, this client said his budget is about $100 per month. I inform him that with that budget he can just go with about any VPS hosting companies that he want. I told him he can even go for a fully managed hosting service with that budget. I recommend him to check out InmotionHosting, ServInt, Knownhost, 6Sync, and Wiredtree(they are my top recommendations for fully managed hosting, however if you search further on the internet forums then chances are you will get even more of quality VPS hosting providers).

No matter which VPS hosting provider you make up your mind to go with, I would recommend you to contact them directly, give them your requirement details and then choose the one you like the best and stick to it.

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