Canon Powershot S100

Canon S100 vs S95

Lately, Canon has introduced the upgrade version of its well-known Powershot S-series by releasing the new Canon S100 digital camera. In contrast to the leap from the model of S90 to the S95, this Canon S100 is features some significant changes. Among of the obvious changes is the camera is now can accommodate with a lens. Also, the camera is features with new processing engine and sensor. For those who have been an end user of the S95 since its release, they may get fascinated to discover the New Canon S100. Now, let us just make some simple comparison for the S100 and it former version S95 to figure out the differences between these two cameras.

Whats New in Canon S100

Canon Powershot S100
Canon Powershot S100

Canon S100

The Canon S100 is providing a few enhancements in comparison to S95. There are increasingly changes compare to any previous update of other cameras. Among the upgrade features include things like: a 12.1 Megapixel sensor (compare to 10MP for S95), 5x optical zoom ( S95 is features with 3.8x), first DIGIC V image processor for Canon, built-in GPS, and up to 8 fps burst shooting. In addition of these features, another feature that noteworthy would be the Canon S100 has transferred to a CMOS sensor instead of stay in CCD. Lastly is the ISO level. The max ISO level for S100 can reach up to 6400 compare to S95 only up to 3200.

Canon consumers always take pleasure in the large, powerful camera lens on the model of Canon Powershot S95 as it has the simplicity of functioning that enable users to use the camera without any difficulty. Besides, the exposure along with white balance diversity is also features that relished by consumers. These are some exclusive modes that could be used by beginning photographer to shoot for good quality photos. Imagine that you have 18 scene modes which you can choose from, and for most advance digital camera presets feasible with intelligent semi-automatic or fully automatic features in a camera, you will be able to shoot for anything that you want and you are going to love the shooting result. The Canon S100 is having some similar features with S95 like advanced exposures, low light setting, TV shutter priority features, landscape/portrait settings, custom settings/special settings, and smart shutter technologies. There is so much for Canon cameras to give the amateur as well as professional photographer.

More Features of Canon S100 vs S95

Canon S95

Furthermore, the Canon PowerShot S100 is also come with a broader, 5x lens range (24-120mm equivalent), and latest image stabilization. Among all the features, the specification that interests me the most would be the 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensor is the second compact camera sensor released by Canon. Additionally, the 1/1.7″ type of large sensor that used in high-end compact cameras is quite useful for users who wish to focus on certain object for shooting high quality images.

Overall, the obligatory Canon S100 stands out as the most recently released to Canon’s stuffed camera models. At the time it arrives at the most crucial part of the digital camera, this Canon S100 vs S95 review concludes in which the S100 isn’t going to let your expectations down with its 12.1 Megapixel sensor. This amazing digital camera provides literally superior quality image resolution with its favorable resolution. Should you be considering getting yourself a Canon S100, you have to be aware that this digital camera is carries a 1.5 inch LCD screen prior for you to place your order.

Canon S100 vs Canon S95

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