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Canon PowerShot SX130IS

Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera

When it comes to choosing a digital camera you’re going to find that many people are looking for a very simple camera that is not very complicated. For some people the more functions and abilities a camera has the more difficult it is for them to learn how to use this properly. And because of this the point and shoot digital cameras that are available on the market are becoming more and more popular each and every year. It is for this reason that we of decided to take a better look at the Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera in this article.

Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP

One of the first things I would like to discuss about this camera is the fact that it comes with a 12 times zoom lens, which is impressive for a camera such as this. This is actually a great feature for anyone who likes to take pictures of their childrens sporting events or anything else where you can not get right up close to the subject. You should also realize that the zoom function can be extremely useful when you are trying to capture one thing but do not want to capture something else in the picture.

Another thing I would like to mention about this particular product is that you can actually record high definition videos in 720p resolution. While you can capture videos in 720p, this is actually not the best definition you can get with a video camera, but it is a really good quality. You’re also going to find that there’s a very fun feature that comes with this product and that is the miniature and fisheye effects you can add to your videos. The miniature effect can actually make it look like you’re using miniature models when you are creating a movie.

You’re probably also going to like the fact that this camera comes with a 3 inch LCD display making it easy for you to see what you’re capturing. And if you check out the reviews on Amazon about this product you’re going to find that just about everyone loves this camera. You’re also going to find the you can upgrade the memory in this product by simply adding an SD card which will allow you to store more photos and images.

There are other features that come with this camera which we do not have the time to go over in this article but you can find a full description on the Amazon website. I should also point out that if you happen to like this camera and decide to purchase it, you should also order it from Amazon as you can pick it up for just $134. This is actually an amazing price for this camera due to the fact that the retail cost of this device is over $220 if you were to purchase it at a retail outlet.

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  1. Beautiful. Love the highlights. Did you use the nifty fifty lens (50mm f1.8)? I just got my new crmeaa (first DSLR for me) in the mail today and I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m trying to get the effect that you have in this photo but it just isn’t happening with this lens.

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