Canon PowerShot SD4000

Canon PowerShot SD4000 Compact Camera

The Canon PowerShot SD4000 camera is excellent to use for taking low light close up pictures and videos. However, video and picture are degraded as you start to zoom in. As an experience photographers, you will find that the Panasonic GF1 is definitely better than the Canon SD4000 but it also costs nearly 3 times more.

The Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS Digital ELPH carries more than just that mouthful of the name and also the highest MSRP in Canon’s self-described SD line of “performance and style” small digital cameras.

That sensor is one of the new back-illuminated styles which have started popping up in small digital cameras lately. As usual, backside illumination entails placing the light sensor for every pixel at the back from the whole sensor wafer rather than at the front side together with other circuitry.

Isolating the sensors in the circuitry reportedly improves sensor effectiveness (signal to music ratios) due to the absence from the circuitry contributes to much less scattering of light before it can reach the picture sensor. My initial encounter having a back-illuminated small digital was Nikon’s P100 ultrazoom camera, and it appeared to possess enhanced ISO sound overall performance with the greater sensitivity ranges more than its predecessor, the Coolpix P90.

Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS Flash

Canon has positioned the Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS flash in the upper left edge from the front of the entire body, a place that lets fingers from the left hand to obstruct the flash through two-handed holding. Truth be told, the camera is little sufficient to ensure that was most likely the greatest obtainable place, but flash shooters, you have been warned. Otherwise, the entire body continues to be sculpted and rounded so most people need to be in a position to come up with a pretty comfy and safe grip. This camera is without a problem for you to insert into your shirt pocket.

The SD4000 IS comes with lots of features directed mainly to its back-illuminated sensor and quick (at broad position) zoom lens, and they are definitely the product which will distinguish this camera within the crowded area of 3 to 5x small digital cameras.

The lens gets shooters an additional out of shutter rate or perhaps a reduction in ISO sensitivity (at broad position) and also the sensor appears to supply a little better than typical small digital sound performance within the higher ranges by having a more linear progression of sound onset than I’ve come across in other compact cameras. So, you will be in a position to hand hold in dimmer problems much better than most other compacts cameras (should you shoot at broad position). Shooting for high quality and colorful pictures are standard of the Canon that’s one of the reasons many people like about Canon.

The Canon PowerShot SD4000 compact camera is mainly an car shooter, but Canon has incorporated three from the four guide exposure modes just in place, leaving out only the completely guide choice. Video clip quality at 720p is very great, and also the camera will autofocus instantly if scene composition modifications or zooming happens. Video duration is a little restricted at 10 minutes. The replay menu has some helpful picture fix-it choices.

AF acquisition time was a little sluggish, the flash is positioned so fingers is going to be in a position to obstruct it effortlessly and also the rate benefit from the 28mm broad position lens is largely gone through the time you have zoomed it to 35mm. The Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS might not going to be a perfect camera for you, but it is nevertheless an awfully great camera in a highly competitive camera field.


– Possess AutoFocus and great video quality

– High picture quality and great color

– Great shutter lag

– Much better than typical sound performance in greater sensitivities


– Somewhat sluggish

– Flash place easy to obstruct with fingers

– Quick lens only quicker than competition at broad position

– Video duration is quite short

Canon PowerShot SD4000 Compact Camera

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