Canon FA-DC58B Filter Adapter for Canon G12 Digital Cameras

Canon FA-DC58B Filter Adapter

Canon FA-DC58B Filter Adapter

The Canon FA-DC58B filter adapter is actually a lens filter adapter that hooks up straight away to the standard zoom lens clip or barrel ring of the Canon Powershot G10, G11 and G12 which offers the capacity so that you can attach 58mm lens filter. This Canon FA-DC58B filter adapter is created with the purpose of moving together with the lens when zooming, protecting against vignetting in conjunction with the wide angle end of the zoom and offering filtering protection across the full range of the zoom lens.

The benefits for using this filter adapter is because it is adjustable when you change the zoom angle of the lens. By doing so, you are able to get rid of the vignetting or the darkening of the image corners.

Just similar to all Canon brand of accessories, the filter adapter is rather expensive however is well fit with quite solid feel. There is no shaking with the moving section. The filter adapter is produce with high impact plastic instead of meta. It is come with the filter threads and also the bodies of L series lenses. It is best fits for Canon G12 however you’ll have to purchase another new case in case you wish to leave the filter on.

Canon FA-DC58B Filter Adapter Video

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