Camera Sales Is Rapidly Growing In Asia

Photography has become the common hobby for most people nowadays. Some photography enthusiasts even willing to spend extra money to buy good quality cameras and related accessories to make their life even more fun.

However, back to 30 years ago, photography still not a common hobby for most people, and it is because at that time only those rich family are able to afford to buy the expensive camera. During that time, if people want to take photos, they will need to go to photo shop and ask for the service. In 21st century, most people are now able to afford to buy camera, we can now even said camera is a necessity for our daily life.

Total Camera Sales Increased by 17% In Asia

According to a market research company, Gfk, the total selling prices of the cameras in Asia market in 2010, is increased by 20% compare to previous year;the total sales also increased by 17%.

Among the 9 countries in Asia, which included Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippine, the total sales of cameras is recorded with double digit growth. The total sales reach $3 Billion and the total of 8,760,000 cameras are being sold.

In Malaysia alone, the total sales of cameras in 2010 is increased by 19%.

The Chief manager of the market research company Gfk, Shirlene Zhen said that, the major contribution for the increased sales are from the compact cameras and the caused of sliding price of DSLR cameras.

In Malaysia market, the top 5 best seller camera brands are Canon, Nikon , Olympus, Panasonic and Sony.

Among the sales of the cameras, you will notice that most of them are of Japan brands. However, due to Japan is recently busy dealing with the earthquake aftermath and the nuclear crisis, now the market is worried that this is going to have a deep impact on the volume of manufacturing as well as sales.

Under this circumstances, Shirlene Zhen claim that the earthquake may caused the production to slow down. Luckily most of the manufacturers been attempted to recover and sustain short supply. At the moment, there is still no major short supply issue in the market, but it is still under uncertainty for long term.

Mirrorless Cameras

In today technology, there are a variety of cameras being released, the cameras that offered on the market comprise of compact, point and shoot, DSLR and so on. As 2010 the Mirrorless or Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Camera being released, it has immediate become the most popular camera on demand on the market.

This Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (EVIL) camera is a new technology digital camera, it combine the features of digital and DSLR camera. It incorporated with a large sensor, but is mirrorless. Meanwhile, the lens for the camera is changeable, and it can shoot for high quality pictures just like DSLR, the body is smaller than the point and shoot digital camera. After the release of this camera, it has turn out to be the winner.

The other reasons why this type of camera is of high demand is it can offers the users with high definition of photo image, 3D and optical zoom.

For the prospect of camera market in 2011, the Mirrorless cameras seem to be the trend and is highly demanding by the professional photographers and is expected help in boosting the sales of camera.

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