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DSLR Camera

Camera Buying Guide – Point and Shoot, DSLR or Mirrorless?

At the moment you are in need of a camera and make up your mind to look for a new camera, you may get confuse as there are too many different brands and models of cameras available for you to choose. In order not to wasted your money by spending on a camera that doesn’t have the features that you are look for, it is important for you to do your due diligent by picking up the camera that best suit your needs.

DSLR Camera

DSLR or Point and Shoot?
First of all, you will need to know whether you want a digital point and shoot camera or a DSLR? DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is relatively large in size, but will offer you with more features which enable you to shift different lenses depending on the situation and subjects that you want to shoot for. DSLR camera comes with powerful add-on flash units that you can make use of when shooting in darker situation. Besides, it also offer more control settings and more accessories to make it possible for you to take high quality images. Some noteworthy things about DSLR are that you can focus, compose and meter exposure by using the lens with a DSLR. This enables superb accuracy in metering and composing. DSLR is best for portrait, sports, wildlife and nature photography. The camera is also a great choice for users due to it can shoot very fast and has good choices of different lenses.

point and shoot camera

While point and shoot camera is just the opposite to a DSLR. The camera is normally light, compact, affordable and simple to use. Most of the latest point and shoot cameras are adding with more features for example metering choices, high quality fill flash, white balance, and exposure compensation. The quality of the lens is generally very good. However, you will not be able to change lenses with these types of cameras. They tend to have pretty poor on-board flashes and typically no add-on flash can be put onto them. They also have limited exposure and metering choices. If you compose via a separate lens, you will discover some inaccuracy with close-in subjects. The photos that you took with point and shoot cameras will be a little bit up/down or left/right from the way you composed them.

Mirrorless or DSLR?
By get rid of the mirror found in real DSLRs (or the whole viewfinder), this allow mirrorless DSLRs to be featured with compact size and lighter weight compare to real DSLRs. These latest technology of cameras have become more and more popular for photographers. Most of the professionals as well as serious amateurs who wish to have great results but do not want to carry a big DSLR with them are keen on embrace the mirrorless cameras.

mirrorless camera

Previously, a DSLR would be the only choice if you required a camera that featured with a huge sensor plus a practically responsive shutter. But for now, you are able to buy camera like the Olympus PEN or Samsung NX11 and immediate get all the features that you need in a much smaller package. The improvement that needed for mirrorless cameras are those companies would need to come out with their own adapters in order to accommodate their legacy lenses to the camera bodies. Besides, the autofocus and aperture control are also required for further enhancement.

As of now, even more and more users are start shift to mirrorless cameras, but many people are still expected that the DSLRs will not become obsolete soon. Some expecting they will turn into a niche product and become the specialist gadget for professional photographers. If you prefer a camera which is sophisticated but portable, then you may choose for mirrorless DSLR. This could be particularly true should you want to use the compact lenses. But for those action photographers, they’ll more likely to go with a real DSLR. This is due to the slower AF speed and lack of a viewfinder on mirrorless cameras which making them not the most desire option for shooting on moving subjects. While for videographers, they will be able to choose either a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Even though they will need to put on more effort into the video modes of mirrorless cameras compare to real DSLRs. But, as we can foresee mirrorless cameras will get improve to be better in future, mirrorless cameras may eventually substitute the real DSLR one day.

After all, as soon as you figure out all the features that you want for your camera, you will still need to spend some time for trying out some cameras. The best way for you to do the testing would be go to visit the camera store that nearby where you live. You can go and look for a helpful store assistant, ask questions and play around with the camera. By doing soon, you will found your favorite camera in no time.

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