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Buying Tips for TV Wall Mounts

Having a television on a table or stand can have its benefits, such as adding more room for storage and a way to keep all of your Blu Rays and DVDs organized, but it can also take away less space from the room overall.

The easy solution to this?  Wall mounts!

A note, however: if at the time of installation you feel uncomfortable doing the task without professional help, do not attempt to do it!  Whilst it’s relatively risk free to mount a 32 Inch LCD TV, anything bigger then a 46 inch set is heavy. In this case, please don’t try to attempt to install the TV mount at all, and instead seek the help of professionals who know exactly how to handle your delicate, expensive television.

wall mounting TV

There are several types of TV wall mounts.  

Flat – The simplest type of wall mount, flat mounts traditionally consist of only two pieces: one that attaches to the television set, and one that attaches to the wall.  Easy enough, right?  Then you just slide the TV’s piece onto the wall piece, and it locks in place while keeping it held securely.

Tilt – Just like the previously mentioned mount, the tilt wall mount also comes in two pieces and is put together exactly the same way, but this time the part that is attached to the television is able to be tilted.  You will be able to point your television upwards or downwards as you see fit, and when flat, it will actually be closer to the wall than a normal flat mount would allow.

Ceiling Mount – While this isn’t really a wall mount, since it has nothing to do with your wall, the ceiling mount is another great option if you want to avoid putting holes in your walls but still want to get your television off the ground and onto a higher level.  It can be very flexible by allowing you to swivel the screen around 360 degrees, and some even let you tilt the screen as well.

Articulating Mount – Definitely the most expensive out of the bunch, this type of wall mount is extremely versatile.  It works best if you are mounting your television somewhere that you don’t want to watch it.  The movable arms and joints that are included in this wall mount will allow you to move the TV around in just about any way you want, within reason, allowing you to find the best viewing angle during many different situations.

Before choosing what type of wall mount you are going to buy, you need to make sure that your TV is compatible with a mount in the first place.  This is usually easily determined by spotting bolt holes in the back of the TV, near the middle usually.  Also, be sure to have a cordless dril, a saw, plenty of screwdrivers for everyone helping, electrical tape, and a stud finder in order to be properly prepared.

When looking for a location on your wall to place the mount, the stud finder plays a crucial role; you don’t want to get any nasty surprises when you finish installing your 50 inch television and then it promptly rips out and smashes to the ground, wall and all.

Again, I strongly recommend finding a qualified professional to do the installation for you, if nothing else, for precaution.  Making preparations and settling on a suitable wall mount for your TV can be left up to you, but unless you know any handymen, it might be better to find someone who can help you install it cleanly, and problem free.

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