flat screen TV

Avoid Headache By Choosing The Perfect Flat Screen TV

When was the last time you bought a new television? Most people can’t just buy a new one every few years. It would be great if you could because technology changes so fast. If you’re like everyone else you will no doubt to dying to buy a new flat screen. They are undoubtedly the new king of home entertainment.

flat screen TV
flat screen TV

You don’t want to rush out and pick something without really thinking about it. It’s an important decision that will have to last you years. Take your time and decide on what you really want. There is no rush. Here’s some tips to help you decide what flat screen is right for you.

You must have a price

Don’t look at anything until you’ve decided how much you can afford to pay. Once your eyes start roaming about you could make a decision that could cause you a lot of trouble. TV’s come in so many price ranges and you can still pick out quality units at modest prices. Once you know how much, you can move onto more interesting choices.

How big can you go

Bigger is better, as the old saying goes. Does this include TV’s? The answer to that is sometimes. It’s nice to watch movies on a big screen, but you don’t really need one that takes up the whole of your back wall. Something that’s big enough to stand out should be able to satisfy you. Don’t go crazy.

Power eater

You’ll come up against the choice of going for a LCD or a plasma screen. If you go with the plasma screen you will end up spending a lot more money on your power bills. It’s actually about 50% more expensive to run a plasma TV for a year compared to a LCD model.

It needs a home

Maybe you will just swap the new TV over with the old one, but there’s a chance you might put it somewhere else. If it’s a flat screen it may be mounted on the wall. Obviously the location it’s going will determine what model you go for. Decide where you will put it before you hit the store.

Contrast ratios

The higher the contrast ratio, the better the screen quality. That’s the simple answer if you aren’t too technically minded. It determines how good a TV is at displaying bright and dark pictures in the same instance. If you have a TV with a low contrast ratio it’s going to be much worse of in scenes which are more dark or bright. Just something else to help make your decision.

You need it to last a while

Most televisions will last a lot of years. You will probably find yourself buying a new one before the old one breaks down for good. But it doesn’t mean you want to just throw it out. They are always good for using in other rooms, or even letting the kids or grandkids have. So you want it to last a long time. Plasma TV’s won’t last as long as a LCD TV if you care about that.

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