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Avast free antivirus

Avast Antivirus 2015 Free Download

Avast antivirus is one of the most loved antivirus in the world due to it’s ease of use and protection it gives whether you are online are offline. When Avast is installed on your machine then you are surely protected, every year Avast updates it’s old versions and releases new versions now they are back with the latest release in 2015. Avast is used by almost 220 million people worldwide, Avast gives protection to PC’s, Mobiles and gives ultimate protection to all devices.

Avast free antivirus
Avast free antivirus


1)Latest Avast antivirus 2015 comes with a feature called Browser clean up, when we browse internet many unknown tool bars and extensions get installed without our knowledge but Avast removes all these annoying add ons which are automatically installed and makes your browsing more safer. The advantage of this feature is it makes our browser run faster, when extensions and tool bars are installed in a browser, the browser becomes slow so Avast cleans the browser and makes browsing more faster.

2)Avast has also got a feature called Remote Assistance which helps us or we we also can help others by solving their queries.

3)Avast also has software updater which can be easily updated and security and performance will be always good.

4)Most advance feature of Avast antivirus is the “Home Network Security” with this service you can protect your wireless routers and wireless devices hence you are always protected from the unknown hijackers.

5)Online banking gets more secured with Avast you can protect your logins and passwords from thefts and it easily detects whether the banking site is real or not hence we are always protected from Phishing

Download Avast Antivirus 2015 Free

Avast antivirus is for everyone it has products for home(PC/Laptop), for mobiles(Android, iOS) and for business. Avast has got many positive reviews for its performance.

Avast can be downloaded for free but its also has some premium versions which can be used by paying some amount.

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