Asana: A Well Kept Marketing Secret

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Despite its intuitive functionality and its robust performance, Asana (link: ) is not well known. Hopefully, this obscurity will not last long. Once the word gets out, marketing managers will quickly see how well it performs as a task management tool. Asana was created by Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook, for robust team collaboration

This marketing app is free to download. It allows for real-time interaction with up to fifteen users. The interface is quick and efficient.

If there is a downside to Asana, it’s that it’s great on simple to complex projects, but does not integrate with third-party software.

Great Teams Get Things Done

Why does Asana work as well as it does? It is ideal for a shared tasks list, because the app makes it easy to communicate ideas back and forth, makes it easy to organize task lists and delegate work, and makes it easy to keep track of what is happening in real time.

Staying Focused

Asana is a very task-oriented app. Marketers use it to send tasks to their team, not just memos or emails. The communication loop is all in real-time; everyone knows what everyone else is doing and where the project is heading. By keeping everyone on the same page, it is easier to stay focused and motivated and to organize your efforts to align with the group. In other words, conversations and tasks are linked together because the app is all about creating, assigning, following up on, and commenting on tasks. Should a project go off track, a manager can review the whole history of the work that was done and design new plans.

Updates And Prioritization Prevents Overwhelm

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry because everyone is overwhelmed by the size of their task list and the complexity of the delegation. However, with Asana, real time updates and the fact that the latest work is always featured on top of the inbox makes it easy for each team member to keep track of the details that personally matter to them.


Here is a brief list of the functionality available with this marketing app:

• Provides a single resource on what works needs to be done.
• Details every task.
• Defines every team as well as project guidelines.
• Can be used for a simple to-do list.
• Can be used for complex workflows.
• Can be trusted for accurate, timely information.
• Stores ideas and tasks assigned to team members. This information is easy to find because it is organized by files.
• Allows for a choice of views.
• Has a search function and can filter information for better sorting.
• Stimulates individual and team accountability.
• Builds confidence as successful tasks build on each other.
• Provides benchmarks and milestones.
• Sets priorities.
• Establishes communication due dates.
• Allows the team to be connected whether they are in or out of the office.
• Cuts down on time wasted in composing status reports or organizing meetings to see if everyone is on the same page.

Asana is a robust tool for marketers, especially market managers or project managers who need to keep track of a small team. Since collaboration is capped off at 15 users, it is for a marketing group in a small-to-medium sized company. This marketing app is free to download. You can download it at their website (link: ) or read more about it on Asana’s blog (link:

The author of this post is Amy Rice, an employee at MLM Lead Specialist, providers of multi level marketing leads. Amy enjoys reading novels and training her four dogs.

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