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Apps To Keep Your Auto Moving

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Keeping the cost of repairs down when it comes to your auto has traditionally been a struggle that the driver often loses. Whether it is finding the right shop or knowing what the cost of repairs should be, having the right information on your side was difficult before smart phone Apps came to the rescue. Prior to the following Apps geared towards your auto and repair, cars could be nothing but endless pits of expense.


This free App does nearly all the thinking for you when it comes to considering repairs, keeping track of maintenance, and even locating a shop once you are in need of service. RepairPal allows you to look up local costs for hundreds of different services, making shopping the job around a simple proposition. It even comes with a roadside service assistant that you can use at any time. There is no monthly membership fee, and you only pay for the service that you use.


There is no emergency that can seem as dire as an accident involving your auto. You are facing expenses in repairs, the possibility of missing work, and a potential rise in insurance. This free App takes the immediate worry out of your mind by walking you through each step you need to take next and by providing services that will help you through the aftermath. From collecting information from the other driver to documenting the scene of the accident, the tools here are indispensable. It creates an accident report that can be exported as a PDF as well. Should your car be too damaged to get you home, the App has a listing of suggested tows and taxis.


A major pit for the pounds can be a thirsty tank. Cut down on the petrol expense that burdens you each month with the GasBuddy. This App will automatically locate stations that are nearest your location with the cheapest rates. The prices are in real time and there is also feedback from other members using the App on service and other critical factors.

It is also not unusual for people to lose a considerable amount of money that they have invested in their car when they go to sell or trade their vehicle in order to move up to newer model. People often tend to rely on outdated pricing guides or used car lots in order to know how much their auto is worth. Instead, get updated estimates on your car that allows you to actually get the market value that you deserve. This App is ideal in that it allows you to do more than simply look up the model of your car. It will adjust the price based on condition, mileage, and the type of seller.

These wonderful bits of technology should lessen the hole that people can dig themselves into when dealing with cars. From repairs to actually selling your auto, having all the information and resources possible on your side is the key to success. Most people will not drive anywhere without their smart phone or tablet. In addition to having the hardware on hand, have these Apps in stock as well..

The author of this post is Ricky Waugh, an employee at Prestige Auto Works, home to the finest European car mechanics. Ricky loves reading automobile magazines and playing poker with his buddies.

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