Appliances That Help To Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

Cooking in the kitchen is something that is supposed to help save us money while at the same time improving our health. Generally the idea is that by cooking, you should be able to save yourself money while at the same time being more healthy. The problem though, is that cooking also takes up time and not everyone can always be bothered with it.

What doesn’t help either, is that cooking often has a habit of annihilating the kitchen – we’ll often finish cooking and leave the kitchen covered in sauce, crumbs and dirty crockery/cutlery. This is a problem of course because it creates yet more work as we have to clean it up, and because it can actually end up being pretty unhygienic – even attracting pests and vermin which of course rather defeats the object of cooking to try and be healthier.


The solution then, is to try and find ways to cook that won’t create such a mess and that will help you to keep your kitchen more hygienic. There are plenty of gadgets to help you do this, so read on to find out which appliances will do the best job.

Electronic Can Opener

I seriously hate opening tuna cans. This is a shame seeing as I really love eating them, but having the brine spill out all over my worktop is something that always irritates me. Fortunately, with the electronic can opener my woes are a thing of the past. Simply stick the device on top of your chosen can, and let it spin round and open it for you. Best of all, you can stand said can in the sink so that you don’t need to worry about any spillage.

Waste Disposal Unit

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Perhaps the best gadget for improving your tidiness and cleanliness in the kitchen is a waste disposal unit. This is essentially a spinning set of blades that sits inside your drain in the kitchen sink, and which can shred up food as it comes in. This will ensure that your sink never gets blocked again – because anything that does block it can simply be shredded. Furthermore, it will mean that you can peel over the sink or even chop food into it and then just turn on the waste disposal to get rid of it afterwards – no need to mess up the sideboard. Do make sure that you have safety features added though if you have young children.

Trash Compactor

Creating way too much rubbish when you work in the kitchen? Tired of having bin bags overflowing all over your kitchen? With a trash compactor you can seriously reduce the amount of space that your rubbish takes up, while at the same time eradicating horrible smells. You will be able to crush any wrappers or old fruit down to take up much less space, which will in turn help you keep it out the way. Plus it will be less likely to attract local dogs, cats and rats that like the smell.

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner

This isn’t a kitchen appliance, but rather an executive toy for the messy businessman or woman. However it can be a very useful thing to keep around the kitchen, as it will allow you to quickly suck up crumbs and other bits of mess that find their way onto your work surface.

Food Processor

The great thing about a food processor is that it can do so many different jobs – from slicing and dicing your food, to blending it down to a pulp. This then means you won’t always have to mix in a bowl, or chop onto a chopping board, which in turn means you’ll create less mess around your kitchen to clean up later. Everything you create will be kept inside the processor making it nicely easy to get rid of.

Electronic Pest Repeller

pest repeller

Just in case your kitchen does still end up attracting vermin, the electronic pest repeller can help to make sure they don’t decide to set up base. This works by creating a sonic frequency that smaller critters can’t stand, which in turn will drive them away from your home and prevent infestation. That said, if you already have a serious problem you’ll still need an exterminator to help. And you still need to clean up regularly, even with all these devices!

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